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DIY Trends You Can Jump On

As long as fashion is concerned, there would always be a lot of trends every season. Staying relevant with these trends can be a bit tedious especially if you live on a budget and can’t afford to splurge at will. Half the time, money is the issue but even if that’s not the case for you, here are a few DIY tips you can jump on to be one of the “cool stylish” girls in town.

Statement Scarf: For the longest time, this trend has been on. I tell you that you don’t necessarily need to go shopping for a nice statement scarf. Look through your closet and find one of those really nice skirts with soft flowing fabrics and voila, cut it into a desired length and style it as you want.

DIY Trends

Chokers: This is about the coolest one. Have an old pair of jeans you’re not sure of wearing again? Put it to good use by cutting from the bottom to give you a nice choker. You can pimp it up with beads or fancy buttons to meet your taste.

DIY Trends

Fringed/Fray Denim: If you have more jeans [trousers or skirts] than you’re willing to wear cause they all look the same, then here’s your chance to make it different from the others. Get a pair of scissors, cut off the bottom and either with your hands, a pin/needle fray the bottom to suit your style and you’re good to go.

DIY Trends

Bleached Denim: Denim remains one fashion staple that is forever in our wardrobes. Bleached denim is an equally nice trendy style for your denim. Soak the needed part of the denim in a mixture of bleach and water to give this effect. You can also spray or drop mixture in particular places you want bleached.

DIY Trends

Belt: Again, your old clothes which you’ve hoarded for the longest time but haven’t worn come in handy. Know what your waist size is and cut up a piece of fabric from a shirt or wrapper or something with volume. Fold the fabric and hem the edge. You can tie around your waist or style as you wish. Add some fashion jewelry to spice up the look if need be.DIY Trends

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