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Fashion Trends That Should Remain In 2015

This is a disclaimer stating that we are no authority in saying what stays or goes, this list was created based on polls and individual opinions. Bear this in mind that fashion trends are what they are, trends but style is eternal and can rotate around pieces from a setting trend.

Moving on, this list is unisex and expresses the fashion trends we hop die in 2015 never to be seen in 2016 and long forgotten in the scheme of things.

Men Wearing Short Shorts

Perry Ellis SS 2007

Perry Ellis SS 2007

You know how men crave a ladies outfit to leave some things to the imagination? Ladies want that too, bear in mind that we aren’t talking of just plain shorts, but short shorts. If you have a pair, burn it.

Sheer Outfits

"China: Through The Looking Glass" Costume Institute Benefit Gala - Arrivals

Honestly, we have no problem with this trend, we are just tired that you haven’t gotten tired of it. It needs to stay in 2015. Come Friday, that sheer outfit in your wardrobe should go out, it doesn’t belong in the new year.

Waist Trainer


In your mind you are wondering how this is a fashion trend, since it is a fitness tool. Have you been to Instagram Avenue lately? Then you know it has to go, we know you want to look mighty fine, but spare us the agony of seeing the lines, the details of your waist trainer online and on the streets. Thanks

Over Accessorizing

Funny enough, this point is for the guys. The cool kids that have more accessories than their Mom. STOP  IT!!! A brooch, a bow tie, a pocket square, a chain and the list is endless, all on one outfit. Take a chill pill and take it one accessory at a time. Less is more – Unknown.

Jersey/ Spandex Dresses


We know, who doesn’t love that shape forming dress? Well, we don’t. Especially when your stomach creates the Michelin tire logo effect and we are wondering what garage you stepped out of? Either you hit the gym, lose the weight or you were something more shape appropriate.

Crop Tops



Funny thing about this piece is that it is timeless, we all love a good crop top, in whatever design. We just don’t want to see it anymore, your wardrobe deserves your usual 20 crop tops and a pair of jeans. So say goodbye to them and invest in more outfits.


It has come to our notice that some of you haven’t gotten the memo. We all had that warning in Secondary School to stop sagging, because of its meaning. Right now, we are just begging you  to stop because you look ridiculous.

Tight Fitting Pants

Dear guys, when did we start the tight fitting competition. It feels like in 2015, certain pieces became unisex and that’s not fair. You would buy a pair of jeans or pants as a lady, only to find out along the line that it now belongs t you, your brother, your husband and your son. We won’t stand to see that in 2016. It’s bad enough ladies have to get into those pants, but seeing it on a guy is an awful sight.



Last but definitely not the least, MAKEUP!! Reason behind generalizing this point is because makeup has various aspects.These are the things we don’t want to see in 2016.

Eyebrows on FLEEK!!

Contouring gone wrong

Uneven eyebrows

That concealer trick you can’t perfect

Looking like therainbow in harmattan

And for some of the gentlemen who contributed to this list, they just want to see your bare face from time to time.


This wraps us the fashion statements and trends we would like to see burn and die in 2015.

What is your take?

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