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#FASHIONGURU: What Is Your Style

Style has been defined by so many people as different things. Style unlike fashion itself has always been a little bit more personal. So you must understand that your style is unique.

Coco Chanel said

‘Fashion changes…..but style endures’

We all know that Coco revolutionized the fashion industry forever. So what is your style? Does your wardrobe describe you or does it describe the trend we are in. Don’t get it twisted trends can never be your style, they only influence.

Fashion Guru divides style for you into A, B, C and D


You are arty if your outfit always has a story behind it and most of the outfits are created with your hands. From the prints to the colours, patterns and the cuts. You avoid the conventional and leap towards unorthodox. People with arty style also prefer handcrafted items and actually create their own clothing and even accessories at times. Most of the times you stick out like a sore thumb but in a very good way. Is that your style? Then stick with it no matter the impression people have about it.


Bubu Ogisi



Bold is the new dramatic, the new edgy, the new sophisticated, the new glamour. Bold styles always have our attention, no pun intended. So what do you need to know your style is bold? Let us start with colours, you always have the colours that stand out and you have the cuts that people won’t dare wearing, not because it does not look stylish but because most of the times your outfit isn’t the only thing that depicts your style, your charisma, makeup, hair also are determining  factors.


Lisa Folawiyo



Classy in recent times has been the ‘it’ thing for most people. You can go horribly wrong when you try classy and you can transcend human understanding when it goes wrong. Classic apparels always have superb fabric and impeccable tailoring. It focuses on clean uncluttered lines and formal balance, which expresses a sense of stability. Classy and elegance go in hand and it is a little bit expensive to keep up with.

Coco Chanel said ‘ The best things in life are free, the second best things are very, very expensive’


Denola Grey






No daring and bold are not the same thing. Why? Now bold involves colours and cuts. Daring involves the cuts, the fabrics and the accessories. The thing with daring is that it can all blow up in your face real quick. Most daring outfits can be seen at events, because you know you can’t show up at school or work like that. The beauty in daring outfits is that you would be the center of attraction. Your clothes, make up, accessories for your style of choice does not have to follow any pattern, just the one you want it t be. Daring outfits can also be made out of bold, classy and arty styles.


Jessica Nkosi


And that’s a wrap. Find were you belong, build your wardrobe around it and even though we’ve shown you the A,B,C, D of style, know that your style would always remain unique to you based on how you decide to show it.

Style is a definition of you you are not who you are wearing




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