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Tips For Organising Your Wardrobe For Stress-Free Planning

If you’re one person who finds it tasking deciding what to wear every morning, then you are in luck. We’ve put together some tips to make the process of getting dressed each morning much easier.

Rearrange your wardrobe
One way to make choosing outfits easier is to take an inventory of your clothes. Then separate them into what you like to or may never wear. Store away or give out the ones you don’t see yourself wearing in coming months to reduce the clutter.

Astonishing wardrobe planning | montage studio academy Wardrobe Planning Image – Wardrobe Closet Ideas

Organise your clothes
Start by giving priority to the ones you wear frequently. For instance, the clothes you wear to work every day should be easily accessible. Organising your clothes in types and colours also makes identifying them easier. Plus, you’ll know not to buy black denim pants when next you go shopping because you already have too many.

Store your accessories
Put all accessories where you can see, whether in a jewellery box or in a side cabinet. You can also get smaller storage pieces and trays for different types of accessories. This also applies to scarves, hats, shoes, bags and purses.

Organise your wardrobe electronically
Take a picture of that pretty jacket you just got and save to an album on your phone. This will help you to plan and avoid buying duplicates when shopping. There are also applications like Polyvore and Stylebook to plan looks and keep track of your outfits. Or you can use an excel spreadsheet.

Plan your looks in advance
You can plan around the clothes you have for a week or a month and then adapt that plan to suit your day. Set out all your clothes for the week separately from your other clothes.

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