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Talk To GL: What Easter Means To Different People And Holiday Plans

As Christian faithfuls around the world celebrate Easter, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, non-believers also come together to take celebrate the holiday in their own way. In celebration of Easter, we had some of our readers tell us what Easter means to them and how they will be celebrating it this year.

Ogwuche Blessing


The Easter holiday is a mini holiday for me to get away from work, travel and reconnect with family and friends; I also get to abandon my fit fam lifestyle even if it’s for a few days and eat home-cooked meals.

Ogwuche Blessing

Udochukwu U. Ogu


I received a call from a friend yesterday asking if I will be travelling to see my parents this Easter, when I said ‘no’, he seemed somewhat disappointed and surprised. It got me thinking, “What are my fondest memories of Easter?” then I realised how ‘weird’ the past has been. Easter, for many, is a time much like Christmas but with a different kind of vibe. A time where they get to eat different delicacies and see loved ones however briefly.

Udochukwu U. Ogu

For me, it’s different. There has never been anything special about the Easter holiday. No fond memories to earmark such a time. I pretty much don’t have special days. Easter holiday to me, is a day like every other. In recent times, every day and every Easter {including the present Easter holiday} I wake up to one writing task or the day, with a lot of deadlines to beat. So while my neighbours are resting, socialising and celebrating, I’ll be busy having a romantic dance and lovely time with the bringer of my dreams, my beloved Acer ES14 and our baby, Lady Infinix the Hot. This becomes my Easter.


Akwarandu Beauty O

Port Harcourt

Easter celebration reminds me of the undying love of Jesus Christ and the perfect redemption made on the cross of Calvary. It also means a time to reach out to lost souls, a time to partake in the holy sacrament, a time to be sober, a time to totally rededicate my life to Christ. In this celebration, there is always a special kind of rice prepared with a healthy chicken (smiles) for it and that is what I will be doing.

Akwarandu Beauty O

Mary-Esther Anele


Easter, the awakening of a glimmer of hope that yes, we are still saved. Funny how people think of it as a sacrificial altar to appease their guilty souls. However, the ceremony of Easter is an entirely different concept to me. Now, it’s remarkable when asked the question, ‘what Easter means to me?’ And all I could think of is the smiles and gratitude on the faces of my family that they have seen another celebration of life and death of their saviour.

Mary Esther Anele

It’s much ado nothing that I come from a strong Catholic family. So, there is no doubt we hold the three-day celebration to heart which means I must come home for the celebration. The first day of Easter usually starts with a pretty normal thanksgiving prayer or service. Then everyone goes on with their usual activities not different from any other day. But the real celebration starts on the last day of Easter when the when my parents decide to take the celebration to a whole lot of level- then we go out on a family date, have fun, talk about matters surrounding, the opportunity to ask about academic activities and laugh about various things. So, I think Easter brings families together; brings hearts together and people to share a common thing- The Celebration of Life.


Lehle Balde

Lagos and Senegal

Growing up, I specifically remember Easter as a special time, year after year. My parents would hide chocolate eggs around the house and it was exciting to run around the house and garden looking for them with my siblings. The person with most finds would win a huge Easter egg, and the competition was always fun.

The Easter egg hunt was often accompanied by lunch or get together at our house with other family friends. Our family moved around a lot because of our parents work, we spent Easter in various countries including Swaziland, Madagascar, Italy and Kenya. Each country was a different experience but had the same family spirit – laughter, love and fun. I must say that Easter in Kenya was the most fun because of its beautiful landscape and rich tourist attractions. Its also has large gardens which made the Easter hunt much more adventurous.

Lehle Balde

Interestingly enough my family didn’t grow up Christian; 95% of people in my home country of Senegal are Muslim. My Easter memories make me reminisce on fond memories because it demonstrates that at the core of who we are, human beings can practice different religions, yet still celebrate and embrace another person’s beliefs without bias.

Now that I live in Lagos I will likely go to church with loved ones and go out for Easter lunch as it is a season that is not just about ‘Easter eggs’.


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