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Tbilisi, Georgia: The Perfect Travel Destination

From the warm-hearted people to the beautiful landscapes and vibrant nightlife, there are endless reasons why Tbilisi, Georgia has become an increasingly popular summer holiday destination. The best part is that the country grants visas on arrival to Nigerian passport holders!

Georgia. Photo Emerging Europe

The country of Georgia is technically located in Eurasia. However, its people describe it as the Balcony of Europe, which paints an accurate image of the how picturesque and diverse the country truly is.

It is referred to as the Balcony of Europe because, with Azerbaijan in the East, Turkey in the West, Armenia and Iran in the South and Russia in the North, it is surrounded by a myriad of very different cultures that have given Tbilisi its distinguishing personality.

The main attractions in Georgia are the jaw-dropping Caucasian Mountains that are easily accessible from Tbilisi and promise a lifetime experience to all visitors. Everywhere will leave you speechless but the must-see region is the Tusheti National Park. It is a northern slope of mountains very reminiscent of Scotland. It is just a lot more beautiful with a lot more personality.

As Tbilisi is becoming a hot feature on travel platforms, we suggest you visit the mountains sooner than later before they become flooded with tourists. Also, it is no surprise that the highest mountain peak in Europe is in Georgia. Mount Elbrus rises to a height of 5,642 meters!

The average Nigerian is sure to find how traditional Tbilisi is very refreshing. The local markets are bursting with fresh and colourful fruit, vegetables, meat, fabric, jewellery and more. There are no price tags and price negotiation is a must. Does this remind you of anywhere?

Hold on to your waistlines because the food and alcohol are sinfully delicious and cheap! The cuisine in Georgia is influenced by Europe and the Middle East. Their national dish is Khinkali, which is like Dim Sum but a lot spicier and succulent.

In a city like Tbilisi, viewing landscapes and eating delicious food isn’t enough. It is important to engage with the locals because they happen to be the most kind-hearted, energetic, humble and generous people. Strangers treat each other like family and it is truly inspiring to witness how much respect and love they have for each other.

Gergeti Trinity Church. Photo: Someforeignguy

Lastly, when in Georgia, you have to visit Kazbegi. It is absolutely life changing! Churches in European villages are nothing new, but the settings in which you find the churches in Kazbegi are breathtaking. Explore as much as you can and be sure not to miss the Gergeti Trinity Church!

Happy travels!

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