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The 6 Stages Of Liking A Song

Music | Photo RMBP

Music is simply amazing and we’re constantly discovering new ones every day. Liking a song happens in stages, and how long we stay in each stage largely depends on the kind of music and us.

Here are the six stages of falling totally in love with a song:

The Discovery Stage
Oh, the joy of finding a new song! Everyone knows this stage. This is the stage where you hear a song for the first time and go “hmm, this song is kinda nice”. Perhaps, it is a breakup or love song whose lyrics you relate to, or even just the beat of the song that attracts you. One thing is certain: you want to have that song that has caught your attention. You quickly ask for the name of the song and off you go to download, stream or buy it. This stage is usually very exciting.


The Love 01 Stage
At this stage, you have already decided that you actually really like this song. You do not even mind listening to it a few times a day. You play this song at every opportunity you get. You start to learn all the lyrics by heart and you are always quick to contribute to discussions related to how great the song is. In this stage, you are probably going to recommend the song to a number of friends even if you are not having a music-related discussion. Quick one – “Hey, have you heard this song?”

The Obsession Stage
You most definitely know all the lyrics by heart. It has become the only song you listen to days in a row. You listen to the song when you eat, when you shower, when you’re doing the chores and even when you’re using the loo. Heck, you even play the song right before you go to bed. If you hear the song on the street, you stop to listen. You immediately like anyone who likes the song and rate their taste in music a ten out of ten. After all, anyone who likes this song must have great taste in music just like you.

Step Afrika dancers | Image: Pinterest

The Love 02 Stage
The butterflies are settling and the way you feel about the song has dropped. To be fair, you still listen to that song a lot more than others on your playlist, but not as much. You know it’s still your favourite song at the moment, but at least you’re no longer recommending it to the whole world.

The Tired Stage
Now you’ve probably listened to the song so much that you’re tired. Maybe even disgusted. You avoid this song on your playlist like a plague. You no longer care when people say the song is amazing. You might even feel a hint of anger when people who just discovered the song are going on and on about it. When you get to a party and that song comes on, you wonder why they can’t just play some other song. You’ve been hearing this same tune for weeks now, aren’t there other songs that can be played? Oops, I should add a disclaimer: this does not happen to every song.

The Like Stage
This stage sets in a few months or years after your obsession stage. You might have totally forgotten about this song and how much you used to love it. You then hear the song being played on a radio station and it brings back memories. You smile and sing along. The song still appeals to you because your heart is taking multiple backflips. You may end up going back to the obsession stage after this. However, it’s more likely that you won’t go back to the obsession stage. You’ll just have it at the back of your mind that you like this song.

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