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The Best 5 Inspirational Tips from Hollywood’s Supervillains


Batman | Marvel

We all love superheroes don’t we? be it our mums dads or whoever it is that inspires the best in us.  But we also love our fictional superheroes too, our love for them despite their fallings with reality has them as an emblem of what we cannot physically achieve but wish we could. In the words of the man who watches over Gotham city – Batman “it is not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me”.

These fictional characters though fictitious embody a sense of humanity at which we all can identify with, meaning they capture the truth of human existence visibly in a different way.  Everyone likes to identify with the good guys thereby neglecting the villains. It may surprise you though to know that not all that is bad is unredeemable, as it is said “there is always a silver lining in every cloud.

Acceptable villains are the conflict makers and much more in movies but variety is the spice of life, thus stating the obvious super villains consequently add to the thrills of a movie. Having said that, super villains too have something positive to share to secret fans and enemies alike, amidst the chaos they bring. There is a sinister nature lurking in every being and that part is what the super villains allow to rule their being, they give in to the dark side.

The life of a superhero thus seems to be boring as they show little effort of creativity that super villains do which amounts to the endless plots and scheming. So the take home is to be busy as this helps generate productivity that brings many to the “eureka” moment.

It is without a doubt that no superhero movie can survive without the presence of a supervillain, perhaps the flow of complementary opposites sees to each side promoting their existence and purpose. But have you ever considered that not all supervillains are bad guys? Here are the reasons why it is good to be bad.

Ever had days, months and years of gloom, misery, and despair, that you sort high and above for the right shove the right springboard to snap you out of that disposition? Right here and now the supervillains are giving you a shoulder to lean on. Supervillains never give up. They are the most positive thinkers ever pushing forward and striving despite their continuous failures. “first you don’t succeed pick yourself up and try again” this line by Aliya is definitely the fountain and bedrock of all supervillains. Have you ever seen a supervillain without persistence? “No” right, I thought so too.


The Avengers (2012)<br /> Tom Hiddleston as Loki

Secondly, they do wait a long time to get one over the hero; hence many have learned the virtue of “patience” it takes patience to go back to the drawing board each time one fails. Supervillains no matter how many times they get beaten, still patiently lay low in their lair and go back relentlessly for another fight. As we see how Thano’s tactical planning and thinking has led him close to the tip of the iceberg accordingly leaving the Avengers on their toes.

Another release of inspiration from super villains is that it takes immense courage and ingenuity to go up against at times physically superior heroes and live to fight another day. The key thing here is “be brave in life”.

One’s character is usually at stake when faced with several challenges therein making one to bend to the situation or the challenge bending to one’s will. Taking a cue from our dear super villains like Loki and the likes they make us know that no matter how many times people try to change you, stay true to who you are (well even if it means evil and enslaving the world) going biblical now the Bible too treats this and tells us you cannot be hot and cold at the same time.


Thanos | Pinterest

Finally, the supervillains never waste time doing what you can get others to do for you. Always delegate as Gru has shown with his minions.

Be it Loki, Thanos’ and other favorite supervillains. They are known for their chaotic characteristics in movies and cartoons. Sadly, the plus side and positive qualities and positive qualities are consequently ignored and not highlighted. So though evil reigns in the being of these supervillains there is a take-home from them which has been thus high lightened.

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