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The Future Of Artificial Intelligence In Health Care

Development in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is unending. Everyday breakthroughs are achieved to further solve problems. From indications, this technology now seems to be veering towards healthcare. Tech developers have indicated that AI is the solution for all problems.

DeepMind Technologies Limited, a tech company owned by Google’s parent company, is researching into the possibility of using AI in health care, specifically in diagnosing eye conditions.


This was made possible using data from thousands of eye scans to detect diseases that could cause eyesight loss.

Hopefully, this will transform eye exams to be quicker in diagnosis and treatment. Also, it may reduce the number of patients at risk of losing their eyesight in the future.

Old man with cataracts. Photo: Life Hack preview

This is not the only healthcare role that AI is playing. In March, researchers discovered that machine algorithms can analyse heart anatomy on an ultrasound better than a human. In Europe, AI is used to identify and call emergency services in heart attack situations.

Although DeepMind is using a particular type of eye scanner for its research, they say it will not conflict with any other model. This means it can be used without any hardware restrictions and will still be useful in the future even if the equipment is updated or changed.

In addition, the AI will describe how it came up with any certain decision. Then the doctors can decide if it’s accurate before giving any course of treatment.

But before AI can be used, it will have to be approved by regulatory bodies.

This is not the only AI that has been developed. In June, Researchers in The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) developed an AI that can detect humans through walls. It will help in hostage situations and emergencies.

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