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The Memories Of Christmas Past

The festivities are in full gear and people are making all kinds of arrangements in preparation for the Christmas Holiday. Although a Christian celebration, it has now been adopted by non-Christians.

Christmas means different things to different people. Hence people all over the world use this as an avenue to give concessions and really long holidays to their employees.

As the year goes by, the traditions have changed as technology, the economy and other factors have continued to determine the experience of individuals all over the world.


In some societies, some people’s experiences are filled with decorated Christmas trees, snowflakes, Santa Claus, snowman and chilly weather. In some other places, it comes with the dry harmattan breeze with people taking long albeit expensive trips to spend a few days with family.

Santa. Photo: Indy with kids

In general, Christmas is perceived as a time for people to exchange gifts with loved ones, a time to see relatives that they haven‘t connected with for a long time, a time to sing carols and expect mint notes from the generous, a time to enjoy meals that are extraordinary and not rationed.

During this time people enjoy concerts, have the time to explore places, enjoy the savings set aside since the beginning of the year, have high expectations of meeting the one and getting married and showing off their new acquisitions even if borrowed.

In line with the Christmas cheer, in the Sunday’s edition, Guardian Life have published some of our readers past and present memories of Christmas.

Grab a copy of the Guardian Life Magazine, an insert in the Sunday edition of the newspaper for some of our readers’ interesting and relatable experiences during this wonderful holiday.

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