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The Mysticism Behind Laolu Senbanjo’s Art

A few body art has significant undertones. Laolu’s art is one of such. Unlike other types of body art, Laolu’s art comes from his touch with his roots. He draws his inspiration from the Yoruba Mythology and the girl-child.

Every body art is a reflection of the vibe he has with a person’s Ori (personal god).

“What I do is I listen to your vibes and take elements for your Ori; your Ori could simply mean your vibe, it could mean your intuition, it could mean a lot of things. If you give me a vibe of one of the Orishas for example maybe Osun, Oya, Obatala or Sango, I take elements, patterns from these deities like existing patterns and put those patterns on your skin. What I’m doing is transporting you from you are now back in the past and putting you back in that person”.

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