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The Nuggets: 4 Ways To Build Your Confidence


The Nugget: 4 Ways To Build Your Confidence| Photo – Durant High School Journalism

Total confidence is a dream for many people as there is always something so beautiful and sexy in a confident and successful person.

To be totally successful, one thing that cannot be missing is confidence.

Confidence is in the way you talk, the way you act, the way you carry yourself, even in the way you smile and laugh.


Often, people find it difficult to reach the level of confidence they want. This affects the goals they reach out for. Therefore, many do not pursue the dreams they want because they think they will fail and that shows a lack of confidence.

Below are some steps to building your confidence:

“Knowledge is power”. That is one of the most powerful sayings. You have to be totally prepared to own the world you want and that includes being adequately equipped, mentally and intellectually, about your dreams. Knowledge makes you naturally more confident as it reduces the scope of getting blindsided. When you’re prepared, your confidence is higher.

Start with the small goals
Write down your small goals daily or weekly and work towards achieving them. The better you get at achieving your small goals, the bigger you’ll dream and there is a higher probability that you will achieve the bigger ones. Ensure that your goals are achievable. Being able to tick them off your list will motivate you and act as an incentive to aim for the bigger goals in life. Eventually, you’ll feel more confident to pursue your dreams.

Avoid comparison
With social media, it is easy to get carried away and compare yourself to others. Avoid comparisons, social media is filled with lies and so many unrealistic standards. The earlier you realise this, the more confident you become in yourself. Everyone has their own journey and you don’t know someone’s whole life story. By thinking that you’re less capable or less equipped to follow your dreams, you’re only hurting your confidence. Concentrate only on yourself and trust your capability to build the life you want.

Do not lose focus
Ensure you are totally focused on achieving your goals. Avoid distractions, no matter how tiny you think they are. Once you take your eyes off your goals, you lose the confidence you have built. However, when you lose focus on your goals, learn to get back up and go better at the dreams you have set to achieve. The better you get, the bigger your confidence.

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