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The Perfect Nude Lipstick For Your Skin Tone

There was a time when getting the perfect makeup for dark skin tone was impossible, virtually all the advertisements on lipstick and powder were pictures of white beautiful women with the perfect red or pink painted lips. But recently more makeup brands are beginning to cater to black women and are making more makeup suitable for their skin tone.

The idea of nude makeup is trending because it gives a beautiful natural look and most appropriate for certain occasions. A nude shade of lipstick is a look akin to what your lips should look like if you aren’t wearing any lipstick.

The nude for one lip might be a colourful shade for another or even look awful on another because black skin has different tones. In getting the perfect nude tone for the lips, one size does not fit all.

Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect nude lipstick to make your lips look natural, beautiful and sexy.

The perfect nude for you may not be the pinky beige colour.

Nude lipstick for different colour skin tone. Photo: Pop sugar

The perfect nude for one person may not be suitable for another. Just go for that nude shade that is the closest to the colour of the lips.

The original colour of your lips is very important.

Some dark skinned women have darker lips, while others have lighter lips or even different lip colour for the upper lip and lower lip. To even out the nude look, blend concealer over the lip and then apply the nude shade appropriate for your skin.

Try different shades

Do not just go to the makeup counter and pick one colour because you feel it will suit you. Try different shades to see how they look on you before making a decision to avoid buying something you will not use. Try to use a cosmetic store that has beauty counters where consultants will try different shades on your lips.

Avoid darker tones

Nude inspired lipstick. Photo: Madivas

Do not stick to hues that lean towards the dark browns, brighter colours are not so bad but be careful so your lips do not look ashen or lifeless.

Remember to balance out your look with makeup. Apply a safe coat of makeup and lightly wing the eye for that lovely effect.

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