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These Places In Nigeria Will Take Your Breath Away

A photograph is an experience. You can almost smell a newly-ploughed field, taste the salty air, hear the leaves rustle and feel the tingling breeze. Most places we long for abroad have close substitutes in Nigeria.

If you want an adventurous vacation without having to break the bank, these photos will make you long to explore Nigeria! Here are beautiful places in Nigeria you can visit:


Gezawa Minijibir Road, Kano State. Photo Bauchi Friends Tour

Badlands are a type of dry terrain where softer sedimentary rocks and clay-rich soil have been excessively eroded by wind and water or sometimes man-made activities. Along the Gazawa-Minijibir road in Kano State is a look-alike of the popular Cheltenham Badlands in Canada. Like an ancient Greek city, this place leaves you with much to wonder.


Agbokim Waterfalls. Photo: Artsy Moments

Imagine a picture of you standing close to these seven tributaries flowing from a river in Cross River. Now, stop imagining and plan a trip! The Argentines and Brazilians have the Iguazu Falls. We can also boast of our Agbokim.


Kajuru Castle. Photo: Naija Single Girl

The beautiful wedding of Meghan and Prince Harry brought much light to the beautiful Castle of Windsor. In Kaduna is a similar medieval castle that has become quite popular in the last few years. Need a fairytale wedding? Why not head to Kaduna?


Awhum waterfall and cave. Photo: Steemit

Slot Canyon Arizona is one of the very popular destinations in America, attracting numerous visitors each year. Awhum Cave, the well-sculpted uneven brown limestone walls in Enugu State, is also a must-visit. And it doesn’t just end there; it also has a waterfall.


Obudu, Cross River State. Photo: obudubookingsnigeria

Magic! That’s the word for Obudu. No amount of planning can prepare you for its scenic beauty. Mau Son Mountains in Vietnam holds an important position in the Vietnam economy as regards tourism with its many mountains. But why travel to Vietnam when we have Obudu?

Tea plantations and plateaus

Mambilla Plateau. Photo: Enroute Nigeria

The Cameron Highland Tea Plantation in Malaysia, apart from being a major source for tea, is also a tourist destination. But did you know we also grow tea too in Nigeria? Mambilla Plateau in Gembu, Taraba State is your destination.

Limestone Rocks and Cliffs

Juju Rocks. Photo: Naidrenalin Adventures

Like the cliffs of Ko Khao Phing Kan, also known as James Bond Island, the Juju Rock Formations in the Jebba border of Kwara and Niger State in Nigeria consists of two dramatic limestone rocks rising from the waters. A paddle tour around it is picturesque.

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