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Friendship: What To Look Out For in Toxic Friendships

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Friendship to so many is more important than romantic relationships because friends are expected to stick together through thick and thin. However, there is a thin line between having a friend you can keep forever and a friend you should discard.

Some friendships over time becomes toxic and at times, you have to listen to your gut, if your friend is consistently unable to meet the needs you must have shared with them, then, maybe it is time to let them go.


Below are some tips to look out in your friends:

Friends that get jealous

If you have friends that are always jealous of your achievements and makes everything you do look like a competition, then maybe it is time to let them go.

It is okay if your friends feel motivated by the things you do, however, what is not okay is when jealousy sets in and they start nagging you about their lives while comparing your successes with theirs. .

Friends with “loose” mouth

Yes, I am talking about those friends that cannot keep your secrets, those ones that tell the world every single thing you tell them in confidence.

A good friend should be able to respect your confidence, when they cannot, such relationship becomes toxic.


That friend of yours that is constantly negative is not healthy for your life. Friends are meant to help you stop worrying about difficulties  shared with them not make you feel worse.

A friend that sees nothing positive in the things you do, that keeps making you feel worse about some things in your life or that finds something to complain about should not be kept for long.

They are unreliable

Moreover, if you can never rely on your friends or expect them to come through for you, then you have no business being friends with them.

A friend should be your support system; a friend that keeps standing you up is bad. Your needs should be important to your friends.

Also,if you are have the above characteristics as a friend, then you should also work on yourself. Friendship is a life- long commitment, be careful of the friends you keep; they can make or mar you.

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