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Destination Proposals: Six Ways To Pull It Off

We know all too well about destination weddings, but what about destination proposals? Nothing draws couples closer than exploring the world together, so just imagine you and the love of your life in a far-away destination on what will soon be the most memorable holiday of your lives for the best reason imaginable. Nothing sets the tone for a magical, whirlwind marriage than a romantic fairy-tale proposal holiday!

  • The most exciting part of planning a destination proposal is the never-ending list of possible locations. Is your partner fascinated by Italian culture? Propose in Venice on a luxury gondola ride complete with her favourite champagne and edible guilty pleasures! Are you an adventure loving couple? Hike to the top of Mount Agung, Bali to get down on one knee with the most scenic views as your backdrop or skydive above the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai and pop the question as soon as you land! Or if all you need is a romantic dinner to set the perfect mood, ditch the top of Mega Plaza and head to the top of The Eiffel Tower! The possibilities are limitless.


Destination proposals require a lot of planning and attention to detail but the look on her face will be worth the stress when she says, “YES!!!” Here are some tips to ensure your destination proposal goes smoothly.

  1. This is of utmost importance. Ensure that the ring is secure and hidden away from your partner while travelling. · Learn from Greg Focker’s (“Meet the Parents”) mistakes and put the ring in your carry – on luggage. Make sure it’s packed discreetly so that your future fiancé doesn’t catch a glimpse of the ring box as it goes through the security belt.
    – Reduce your chances of being called for further inspection by not placing items such as liquids in your carry – on.
    – To avoid being questioned by border protection, carry along all documentation such as the receipt and insurance policy to prove ownership of the jewellery.
    – Attach a note to the ring box to give security a heads up on what is inside, so they don’t blow your cover.
    Side Note – Before you embark on your journey, insurance protection is key!
  2. Make it unique! Destination proposals are unique in their own right but don’t travel across the world just to do something generic. Make sure you put a lot of thought into your proposal and incorporate as many facets of her personality and your love story as possible.
  3. Propose at the beginning of your holiday. This way you can spend the rest of the holiday celebrating the beginning of the rest of your lives! Also, you won’t hear a single complaint come out of her mouth.
  4. Arrange for a professional photographer/videographer way ahead of time. That way you have enough time to plan how to capture the moments before the big question without her suspecting a thing.
  5. Make sure she’s prepared. This may require the help of her best friends and family to ensure that she brings the proper clothing and her nails are perfectly manicured for that mandatory ring shot.
  6. Consider bringing your families and closest friends on the trip. What makes proposals even more special is when you can run into the warm embraces of your loved ones right after the emotional moment. If this isn’t possible for financial or health reasons, make sure to propose in a location with telephone and/or Wi- Fi service so that the closest people to you feel included. If your photographer/videographer “sabi the work” the entire proposal can be live streamed (privately).

Good Luck!

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