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5 Things To Do In Zanzibar

Zanzibar has fast become a location where Nigerians are rushing to for holiday. It is a no-brainer because this fast-rising island has become home to thousands of tourists. The return ticket from Lagos cost roughly about N300,000 and hotels and taxis are quite pricey. Keep in mind that you need to take your Lagos mind with you and be prepared to bargain the cost of everything from taxis down to market trips and whatever else you find yourself intertwined in. Here are five things to do in this beautiful archipelago located off the coast of East Africa.

Stone Town

Stone Town

Stone Town is an older part of Zanzibar city located on the West coast of Unguja (the main island of Zanzibar). Stone Town is known for its narrow alleys and beautiful doorways built centuries ago under Arab, Indian, European influences. The major buildings in Zanzibar are predominantly from the 18th and 19th century, some of which are the Old Fort, the House of Wonder, the Old Dispensary, and the Royal Cemetery etc. The town has a narrow, winding street pattern and large mansions facing the sea, which all make up the urban settlement – a reflection of the slave trade between Africa and Asia.

When fishermen go fishing and mistakenly catch turtles, these turtles are then brought into the aquarium and kept there for a certain amount of time before finally being returned to the sea.

Safari Blue

Safari Blue

Safari Blue was a whole day’s affair. We left the resort at 8 AM sharp and didn’t return till about 6 PM. The taxi picked us up and drove us straight to where we boarded our “dhow” – a local boat. The boat took us on a trip through the Indian Ocean and showed us a number of significant small islands on our way. We stopped midway to snorkel, after which we proceeded to a sandbank for a mini picnic.

The Rock Restaurant

The Rock

The Rock Restaurant is a beautiful restaurant perched up a rock on the sea. We arrived the rock at low tide, so we were able to walk to the restaurant upon arrival. However, when we left, we left in a boat due to the high tides. The rock is such a beautiful experience, as it offers an unusual getaway. The food is medium priced and, depending on what you get, some things taste better than others.

Spice Farm

Natural Aquarium

Zanzibar is known for the production of numerous spices. Before the tourist attraction, its main income came from the spices they produced. The locals have made miniature spice farms to showcase how various spices are grown and then produced. Usually, spice trees are grown separately. However, in the miniature spice farms, everything is grown together. After the tour, we were shown how local farmers climb a coconut tree and then served fresh coconut water.

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