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Tyler Perry Considers Reopening Atlanta Studios Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

Tyler Perry | Image: theGrio

American actor and filmmaker, Tyler Perry is considering a safe way to reopen his studio complex in Atlanta so as to continue shooting his own TV shows in spite of the coronavirus pandemic.


According to TMZ, Perry’s plan, which was pitched to his studio executives, would see all crew and cast of his own TV shows living on the Studios for the duration of a given production.

They would show up to the set on the first day of shooting. Everyone would then be tested for coronavirus right then and there, and anyone who tests negative can proceed to the complex to begin filming.

All of the cast and crew would live on the studio lot for the duration of production, in one of the many facilities on the 330-acre former-military-base-turned-studio-compound. These facilities include 141 habitable barracks, 40 historic houses, and 30 additional houses Tyler had built when he bought the property.

The facility also has a gym, bar, and multiple restaurants. And Perry is even considering turning the hospital structure he built for one of his sets into a functioning facility and hiring a doctor and nurse to work in there.

Tyler Perry’s studio would only be open for his own six television productions, each season of which takes approximately 2 1/2 weeks to film. His workers would also be getting a pay raise to compensate for the circumstances.

However, Perry’s plan would need to tackle some issues such as what to do with day players and extras, and what the policy would be for a cast or crew member who needed to leave for an emergency.

In 2019, Perry celebrated the grand opening of his newest Atlanta studio location; he purchased 330 acres of the former Fort McPherson complex in 2015 to make it the new home of Tyler Perry Studios. Tyler Perry Studios is the largest film production studio in the United States and established Perry as the first African-American to outright own a major film production studio.

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