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Use These Foods To Achieve The Ultimate Beauty Glow

Thrifty people know that skincare, and self-care in general, does not have to mean emptying your entire bank account. This is why we are always on the lookout for things that are more than they seem, although not in a sinister way.

These food items, which you probably have in your kitchen, will up your beauty game.



Banana is a great hair conditioner. Mash up one or two ripe bananas and add some honey when you have run out of hair products. It also helps to calm itchy scalp and heal dandruff outbreaks.
Banana peel is also a great skin care remedy. Rubbing the inside of the banana peel on your face will not only prevent and cure pimples but also firm up the skin and reduces scars.

Baking Soda

This all-rounder can be used as a toothpaste alternative for whitening teeth. It is great for exfoliating skin, especially when used with honey. Mixed with some water, it is an excellent shampoo. Having a can of this in your kitchen is like having a handyman around.


Okra PHOTO CREDIT: Wikipedia

You know how dry hair is almost a norm? Tangles keep building up and sometimes have to be cut off. This is the bane of everyone who has kinky hair texture out there. Maybe you’re not flush enough to buy an expensive leave-in, a detangler for wash day, or styling mousse. Okra will come to your rescue.
Have fresh, ripe okras, blended and the pulpy fibrous part sieved out. The remaining slimy fluid is good for styling, moisturising or detangling your hair for maximum slippage.



Turmeric works wonders for scarring and acne. Made into a paste and applied daily for a week, your skin will not just be clear of spots and dark patches, it will naturally be lighter and even-toned. No wonder Indians swear by turmeric.


Directly Above Shot Of Roasted Coffee Beans In Cup And On Table

Some of us cannot do without that shot of coffee in the morning. Well, coffee also happens to be a household remedy for thick, strong and darker hair. A coffee paste can reduce hair breakage and make your hair thicker, glossier and naturally darker at the same time.

Your skin is not left out either. Coffee facemasks tighten the skin and reduce swellings and wrinkles. Honestly, is there anything caffeine cannot do?

Next time you are in a fix, look in your kitchen pantry and you just might find unexpected answers.

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