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Vybe: Bringing Hearts Together Online

Vybe: Bringing Hearts Together Online

Dating is an ever-ending journey in the world of those who seek true love. For people around the world, it is an even more difficult task to be in the right place at the right time. And this is where Vybe comes in.


Created by three young Nigerians, it is Nigeria’s first indigenous dating app bringing Africans into one place to get the ones their hearts please.

What inspired you to start Vybe?
Vybe started after one of us, Moronke, had some issues using some of the existing dating apps. She spoke to Osagie & Eko about some of the issues and we decided to explore the space a bit further. We spoke with our friends who confirmed other issues with dating online in Africa and then decided to carry out surveys to find out more about these problems. For example, we discovered that Africans have access to very few of the top 10 dating apps in the world, that is, you can’t even find these apps on the Play store/app store and you can’t even create an account. This means you’re very limited in your options. There is also the issue of a high number of romance scams being carried out on existing dating apps due to the use of poor and generic security checks. We discovered a lot more issues in the dating industry, especially in Africa, and soon became really interested in solving these problems. Today we have Vybe.

How has the journey been so far?
It’s been an exciting journey filled with a lot of learning and growth. We currently have over 22,000 users across 65 countries. We have created over 90,000 matches and we have our first confirmed wedding from a Vybe couple happening this August. Our journey with building Vybe has also taught us so much about running a business and also how dynamic romance & dating is in Africa. One of the interesting things we noticed is that 73% of our paying customers in Nigeria are men while 75% of our paying customers in Kenya are women. This is something we would have never guessed if we didn’t do a launch in Kenya.

Are there any regrets so far?
This is not really a regret, but we wished we started monetising earlier. Because of the distinctiveness of the African market, we spent some time thinking about the best way to monetise the platform, and this led to a lot of experiments. We launched our first monetisation plan (Subscriptions) in February and the results have been exciting! We hope to get similar or even better results as we launch more in the coming months.

What are your long-term goals?
Our ultimate goal is to become the top choice for finding a partner on the continent. We want people to think about finding a partner and think of Vybe first. To achieve this, we plan to expand to more African countries, improve the matchmaking process on our apps and speak to our users more to learn more about what they want.

If you could change anything, what would it be?
One thing we’re constantly working on is improving the perception of online dating on the continent. We’ve seen a lot of growth in the willingness of Africans to find partners online and we’re very excited about it. The world is rapidly going digital, and the internet has changed the way we connect with old and new friends, the way we work and the way we find love. Vybe is just a way to digitise what we, as Africans, already do offline while searching for a partner.

As the co-founders, how have you grown so far?
As co-founders, we have grown together in a lot of areas like teamwork, communication, and empathy. We have also learnt so much about running a business, managing teams, emotional intelligence and strategy.

Are there other things you are working on?
We are currently working on a Vybe 2.0 app that implements improvements from our most recent market research. But outside online dating, we have a lot of plans for the “romance tech” industry in Africa. We’re currently looking at something in the African wedding space and will definitely announce once the time is right.

What advise can you give those who are just starting their tech journey?
The tech industry has presented the biggest opportunity for Young Africans that we’ve seen in a while. We believe every tech newbie should focus on learning as much as they can and actually practise what they’ve learnt. It’s the best way to grow in tech.

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