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Wait Up, Liquid Diets For Weight Loss Works?

Why didn’t anybody say anything before now?


Granted the dieting thing is trendy as always. With Keto and the paleo taking over the fitness space, exercise is now, well… you know (shrug!) But nothing a drink cannot do.

Whatever your means of achieving the ideal figure, what a lot of people consider is not the process but the end result.
Enter liquid diets: drinks that promise to give you what exercises promise only this time, you can eat whatever it is you want and still lose weight.

We get it, we really do but anyone ever wondered if it works?

True, we admit that we know one person who lost about five to 10 pounds after they got into it for a long period of time without any solids.

But the thing is Abby Langer, a nutritionist notes that if you observe quietly, you’d notice that they got back the fat after a while. What happened is, “Your body craves food and you overeat to compensate for the calories and nutrition you didn’t get while on the liquid diet.”

Another thing is your muscles. We know you wanted to lose the weight. Sadly, the muscles also go with it. This is because when you embark on liquid dieting for a long period, your glycogen burns not only the fat, it also goes for the fat cells and muscles which is hard to gain back.

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