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Waiting At The Airport? Here Is A Starter Pack

Waiting at the airport can be so long and frustrating. This is especially true when your plane is delayed or cancelled.


While playing the waiting game, here are some essentials you that will come in handy:

  1. Headphones, laptop and your phone charger should be kept in your compression bag. The airport can be pretty noisy so it is best to have your headphones with you if you are travelling alone. Also, ensure you have your power bank so that your phone remains charged.
  2. Toiletries are unofficially the most important of them all. Get your toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and a gum.
  3. You might feel like taking a nap while at the airport so you can do with a blanket, jacket, socks and earplugs.
  4. A writing material can come in handy. Who knows? Your creativity might spring up. Also, your pen should be your best friend so you can sign documents as soon as you get them.
  5. Face wipes should be included in your package to touch your face up before you dab on your favourite makeup.
  6. A snack or two won’t harm you now, would it?
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