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3 Ways To Handle Body-Shaming


So many people have experienced being body-shamed at some point or another. This has affected the way some people view others, and some have become strong and resilient based on these body-shaming experiences. Below are some ways to handle being body-shamed.


It is more about them

Often, people who body shame others reflect their states of mind. Some have lower self-esteem and this pushes them to act the way they do. It is therefore not about you but them; it is about their lower esteem they are trying hard to project to you. Remember that the shaming, cruel things another person says are about their own prejudices and misconceptions, not about who you are as a person. Though it might be the shamer’s intention to make you feel like crap, you don’t have to absorb their words, take them seriously, or think about them for any longer than the moment.

Speak out

As stated earlier, some people might not know they are body-shaming or hurting you. Call the bully and let them know how you feel about their opinions of you. Fight back if need be, do not be redundant. As stated on Bustle Magazine,  “it’s probably not a good idea to get into a serious verbal or physical altercation, it’s worth taking them to task and defending yourself or others. If your emotions aren’t getting the best of you, try to speak with the offending person directly and explain why their comments are harmful.”

Express your anger

Do not just lower your head or cry or politely express your anger, when you feel the anger, express it. If you encounter a case of body-shaming and it rubs you the wrong way, you’re allowed to get angry: Unabashedly, vocally, red-facedly angry. If you feel that rage bubbling up inside of you, there’s probably a good reason for it. Don’t be afraid to express it.

Body-shaming people is never a thing to be proud of, people commit suicided and are constantly depressed.


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