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Wearable Health Technology You Should Cop Now

Think of a technology or a product that not only appeals to your vain self but also saves your life. With the groundbreaking moves in technology, products can now detect irregular heartbeats among other dangerous health conditions.

Tech company, Apple joined the wearable health technology after it unveiled its new wristwatch which can detect heartbeats irregularities as well as atrial fibrillation through its heart-rate sensors.

Below are some of the other technology that your health will be grateful for:

Smartphone App

A device dubbed KardiaMobile only needs your fingertips (index and middle finger) to properly diagnose health issues. The pocket-size friendly ECG device is used with a smartphone app and comes with two ‘pads’ on it. Once it is placed close to the phone and fingerprints are registered, it detects and measures the heart’s electrical activity in just 30 seconds.


A circuit board necklace. Photo: Etsy

How about having a pendant that picks up signs of heart failure? This necklace called the two-minute necklace is so called because it detects all it needs to within two minutes. Its sensors monitor the heart rate, heart fluid, respiration, skin temperature and heart rhythm flutters and send it via WiFi to a physician.


Cardioskin is a shirt which is used to detect heart rhythms. The washable shirt has already been embraced by many. This is because it can identify medical conditions such as syncope. The shirt has 15 electrodes which conduct 24-hour checks on the heart by tracking the heart’s electrical signals. You can use the information gotten from this after the chip in the shirt sends the information to your smartphone.


If you are a new parent, one of your major concerns will be the health and safety of your baby. Thankfully, this has been abated with the introduction of a sock which notifies parents if their child is in danger. This socks called Owlet measures the child’s heartbeats and 02 levels. However, it is uncertain if it prevents Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Another thing you may have to worry about is the N108,000 price. Another is a patch (Temptraq) worn on the baby’s arm can also detect the baby’s temperature and goes off when the temperature begins to rise.


Cambridge scientists have developed a belt called HeartSense. The plastic belt is worn around the chest and is used to monitor irregular heart patterns.


Every year, the world records 1.7 million new cases of breast cancer. Despite the publicity on checking for signs, many go unnoticed until it begins to degenerate. Fortunately, a bra iTBra has been developed to reduce this incidence. How does it work? iTBra comes in the form of breast patches inserted in the bra. Once worn, it monitors the circadian metabolic changes that show signs of breast tumours. A product which is fast being embraced, it sends the detected data to a mobile device which can be shared with a physician.



Time for a selfie (or not). A new app uses your camera to track potentially unhealthy heart rhythms by measuring the changes in the blood vessels in the fingertips. This app called the FibriCheck works when a user places one finger on the camera lens.
The general side-effect physicians warn is that users may become used to the devices and will depend on it when making life and death decisions. As such, users should be aware that having this technology is even better when its data is sent to physician.

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