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Week Recap: From Hawking’s Death To “On The Run” Announcement

Time stood still this week as the stars which shone so brightly on earth were added to the number in the sky. From the deaths of some of the world’s greatest innovators to getting recognised on a global scale, it was, indeed, a week of mixed surprises.

The tale of two stars

Some of the greatest men who confounded the imaginations of many were added to the number of stars in the sky. Iconic fashion Frenchman, Hubert de Givenchy, died at the prime age of 91. Also, physicist and author of the world-changing A Brief History of Time Stephen Hawking defied amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) to live an additional 50 years, dying at 76. If there is one thing we believe: their legacy will last a long time to come.

Stephen Hawking. Photo credit: Wyborcin

Dancing To Stardom
Group of young Nigerians, Dream Catchers DA, caught the attention of the world with their dance skills, which were so good that their nationality sparked a social media war. Before we could say Ikorodu. Rihanna put the video up to celebrate her two billion streams hit while Diddy and Naomi Cambell acknowledged them on their Instagram pages.


On The Run Tour II

Jay Z and Beyonce have announced the details of their forthcoming tour, On The Run Tour II. The world tour will kick off on the 6th of June in Wales and end on the 2nd of October at the British Columbia. The first On The Run Tour held after Jay Z dropped his Magna Carta Holy Grail and Beyonce’s Lemonade. Now, with all that has happened between them and the release of the 4:44 album, we have an idea of what to expect from the power couple.

World’s Most Attractive Lips

Researchers conducted a study, revealing that the thickness of the upper and lower lips determine the level of attractiveness of a woman’s lips. Using this scale, Scarlett Johannson got a perfect 1:1. This conclusion, led by Dr Paul Heidekrueger. was arrived at by 560 plastic surgeons and 560 members of the public from 35 countries. On the downside, the Harry Potter star, Emma Watson, had a slightly narrower upper lip making her lips less than perfect.

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