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Deep Conditioning Guides, Rules And Benefits

Hello everyone, my name is Peju and I’m a natural hair enthusiast. Our hair is beautiful and has to stay healthy to grow out well, and be void of breakage, dryness, damage, split ends and so on. In order for our hair to be and stay healthy, there are things we ought to do to keep it that way.

One of which is Deep Conditioning. And that’s what I’m going to write about today.

Deep conditioning is basically applying a deep (thicker) conditioner in your hair for an amount of time to treat it and repair damaged hair or to add whatever is lost back in to the hair. It penetrates the hair strands to do this. Deep conditioners need heat in order for them to penetrate into the hair shaft.

There are two types of deep conditioners, protein and moisture. You need both for balance.

Protein based deep conditioners are designed to strengthen the hair, improve elasticity, equalise porosity, improve hair appearance and add body. Damaged hair needs regular protein treatments till it’s repaired.

A moisturizing deep conditioner is supposed to be used right after, your hair will feel hard after a protein treatment because of keratin, so you need a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment to even and balance things out. A moisturizing deep conditioning treatment will add moisture to the hair, keep moisture in the hair and help soften it over time. So if you do a protein treatment this week, the week after do a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment.


You can either make yours and buy them at the store. In another post I’ll give proper deep conditioner recipes so you can DIY.

Examples of great deep conditioners you can get Eden bodywork jojoba monoi deep conditioner, Cantu deep treatment mask, Aussie 3 minute miracle deep conditioner, Shea moisture purification mask, Shea moisture raw Shea butter deep treatment mask for moisture. Aubrey organics honey suckle rose, aphogee 2 minute reconstructor, curly hair solutions pure silk Protein deep moisturizing treatments, organic root stimulator Olive oil replenishing conditioners, Aubrey organics GBP conditioner for protein. These are just some of the best deep conditioners for the hair.

Some of them carry  protein and moisturizing properties.




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For DIY, there are a million recipes for deep conditioners. Some of the important ingredients are avocado, banana, coconut milk, aloe Vera, eggs, honey etc.



1. Prepoo and Wash the hair with a sulphate free shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner.

2. Blot out hair with an old t shirt. (Towels causes frizz).

3. On your damp clean hair, apply the deep conditioner from your ends to your root, keep away from the scalp because it can cause buildup. So apply to your hair, not scalp.

4. After coating the hair, wear a shower cap or plastic cap then go under a steamer for 20 minutes if it’s a store bought deep conditioner and 30 minutes if it’s a DIY deep conditioner. If you’re not using a steamer, 30 minutes for a store bought conditioner, 1 hour for a DIY deep conditioner. Never more than that.

5. Rinse out well with cold water, and if you have Apple cider vinegar, add one part to two parts of water and use it to rinse. ACV rinses out buildup.

6. Moisturise, seal and style as usual.

– Do them regularly but don’t overdo them. once a week or two weeks  depending on how your hair feels and what it needs.

– Don’t leave your deep conditioner in for too long. An hour maxImum.

– Added heat helps you spend less time deep conditioning.

– Pay attention to ingredients when you buy deep conditioners. Best ingredients include oils, emollients, cationic surfactant, cationic polymers, and silicones.

– Listen to your hair. Notice when a certain deep conditioner isn’t doing it for you anymore.

– Deep condition from your roots to your ends.

– It keeps the hair healthy which encourages growth.

– It keeps the hair soft and strong.

– It adds body and life to hair.

– It protects the hair.

– It adds moisture and protein to the hair. Gives the hair balance. .

– It prevents damage, breakage, dryness and split ends.

– It keeps the hair fabulous!

I hope this post has helped in some way. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Until next time, peace, love and healthy hair.

My name is Peju and I’m obsessed with natural hair and the science surrounding it. I write about hair on my blog and I sell natural hair products, some of which I make myself!

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