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Hair relaxer – Purpose, Cost, Processing time, Types, And Treatment

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03 September 2022   |   11:52 am
Hair relaxer treatment is a permanent way of straightening curly or tight hair. When your hair is relaxed, it won't return to its wavy nature until the relaxed hair strands grows out which takes months and years. According to a report in NaijaTab Naija News today, 89 percent of women have one point in time use hair relaxer.

Hair relaxer treatment is a permanent way of straightening curly or tight hair. When your hair is relaxed, it won’t return to its wavy nature until the relaxed hair strands grows out which takes months and years. According to a report on 9ja News website, 89 percent of women have one point in time use hair relaxer.


Purpose – What does a relaxer do to your hair?

A hair relaxer is a hair cream that is used by people with wavy hair types to straighten their curls. It is prevalently used by people with tight hair and after being applied to their very wavy hair, it turns it to a silk press like texture. The process works by loosening the bond in the hair, making the hair weak and fragile.

Cost – How much is a hair relaxer?

Hair relaxers can be gotten online or in stores for as low as $4 or as high $100 if you are looking for the more expensive brand. Going to professional hair salons to relax your hair can cost you about $100-$600.

Processing time – How long does a hair relaxer take?

10 minutes would give you the best result and it is also safe too. Anything longer than that would damage the hair.

As of not long-ago people of color regularly use relaxers to straighten their hair without disapproving of the ingredient in the hair relaxer cream. Years later, relaxers are presently made to be gentle than what they used to be previously. The burdens of relaxers are yet more prominent than the benefits.


Step by step instructions to relax hair

  • Get a relaxer that is great for your hair and scalp.
  • Apply oil around the foundation of your hair to stay away from skin scalp.
  • Segment your hair relying upon how long your hair is.
  • Begin the application on each segment of your hair.
  • Assuming your hair has been relaxed previously, keep away from the tip of your hair that is feeble and begin with the root.
  • Ensure that the relaxer covers each region of your hair.
  • Leave it for a couple of moments and consistently check if your hair is straightened yet.
  • Flush out and wash your hair with cleanser and condition it.


In the case that you feel any burning sensation kindly wash it out right away.


Hair Relaxer for Men

Very much like ladies’ hair relaxer treatment, relaxer treatment for men hair is of no distinction. A similar strategy used for application for ladies is likewise used for men, yet relaxer treatment in men’s hair is significantly simpler than that of ladies since they will generally have less hair in most cases.


One of the most common questions that people asked about hair relaxing treatment are:


How can I remove a relaxer from my hair without trimming?

Relaxer is a super durable approach to straightening wavy hair and to eliminate relaxer from your hair is to trim off the relaxed piece of your strands however I didn’t go through that course to return my hair once again to its normal state. I had the option to change back to my 4c hair following a long process. I permitted the relaxed area to develop out until all strands of my hair became normal.


This technique might require some investment however it is worth the effort. You don’t need to stress over trimming off your hair rather you invest in taking care of your new hair and in practically no time your hair would be fully grown back.

Could relaxer at any point remove Lice?

I don’t suggest regular use of relaxers on the hair but an uncommon pro of using relaxer on the hair is the remover of lice due to the heat in the hair relaxer. In mid-2021, my cousin got hair lice from another salon she recently visited and was too wrecked on how to dispose of these hair lice which was harming her scalp because of successive tingling.

She chose to relax her hair consistently and inside the space of two months. she saw that she seldom gets tingling scalp and flakes. She was able to remove all the lice from her hair after 3 months of use.


The most effective method to treat a scalp damaged from a relaxer

At the point when your hair gets a damaged from using a relaxer, the main thing to do is to clean out the relaxer from your hair with cold water straightaway and apply aloe vera gel on it. Aloe vera is known for its recuperating properties, nonstop use of aloe vera on your scalp will cause the scalp to mend quicker.


Put your hair in a defensive style for that period until your scalp is mended. Try not to attempt to constantly maneuver your hair toward various styles and give your scalp time to heal. The best way to treat a damaged hair from relaxer is to cut off all the damaged hair and start afresh.


Hair relaxer for men

  • Pro – Line Comb Thru.
  • ORS Olive Oil Build-In Protection New Growth No-Lye Hair Relaxer.
  • SoftSheen-Carson Optimum Salon Haircare Optimum Care Defy Breakage No-Lye Relaxer.
  • Linange Alter Ego Shea Butter Cream Relaxer.
  • Revlon Professional Conditioning Cream Relaxer.
  • Hawaiian Silky 30008 no base relaxer.


Hair relaxer for kids

  • African Pride Dream Kids Olive Miracle Relaxer Regular.
  • Tcb Hair Relaxer No Base Creme – Mild.
  • Luster’s S Curl Texturizer Regular Strength.
  • Revlon Professional Conditioning Cream Relaxer – Mild.
  • Shea Butter Mild Relaxer.
  • Ultra Straight No Lye Relaxer Normal – Mild.


Hair Relaxer Before and After

4 types of Hair relaxers

There are 3 primary types of hair relaxers: lye hair relaxers, no-lye hair relaxers, and natural hair relaxers that does not contain any chemicals. Lye hair relaxer contains sodium hydroxide or NaOH in its chemical compound format. It is one of the strongest chemicals used in hair relaxers. Hair relaxers that contain sodium hydroxide usually gives durable result.

Here are some pros and cons of using hair relaxer:



  • It is convenient.
  • It makes the hair thicker and fuller.
  • You save money from visiting the salon.



  • The hair is more liable to get damaged and tangled.
  • It causes breakage in the hair root.
  • The hair becomes uneven due to breakage and follicle breakdown.

Another Chemical treatment done on hair are perms. Chemicals are applied on the hair to create a defined curl. It can also be done without the use of chemicals through controlled heat and perm rods.



  • Relax and expand the hair – meaning they raise the cuticle, which permits the solution to enter the cortex and flush out of the cortex easier.
  • Goes through a chemical response called reduction- when in the cortex the arrangement breaks the disulfide bonds with either the expansion of hydrogen or the expulsion of oxygen. Once the disulfide bond is broken, the polypeptide binds can slip into their new twisted or fixed shape.
  • Can be classified as exothermic (cold/basic perm) or endothermic (warm/corrosive perm)


Exothermic perms


  • Produces heat
  • Makes an exothermic substance response that warms up the solution and speeds up the process.
  • The strength is determined by how to strong the reducing agent is and the level of alkaline.

Reducing Agent – more grounded perms have a higher concentration, influencing the reduction procedure, and thusly more disulfide bonds are broken

Alkalinity – second figure by and large strength of perm arrangement, pH (alkalinity) of the perm arrangement ought to compare to the opposition, strength, and porosity of the cuticle layer

Types of decreasing specialists: Ammonium Thioglycolate, Hydroxide


Endothermic perms


  • Assimilate heat from its environmental elements
  • Are enacted by an external heat source, won’t process as expected at room temperature.

Types of a reducing agent: Ammonium Bisulfide

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