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Homemade Deep Conditioning Recipes

Hello people, I hope you all are doing well. Today I want to give you some homemade deep conditioning recipes. Last week, we talked about deep conditioning and how to properly deep condition. We also talked about different types of deep conditioners like store bought deep conditioners and homemade deep conditioners.

Here are some deep conditioning recipes that will help your hair grow and stay healthy.

1. Banana Deep Conditioner


– Banana – 1 overripe (blended)
– Olive oil – 4 teaspoon
– Glycerine -2 teaspoon
– Honey – 2 teaspoon


Add the honey, glycerine and Olive oil to the blended banana. Mix thoroughly till it forms a smooth paste. Apply to your clean damp hair from the root to the tip, avoiding your scalp. Cover up with a shower cap. Let it stay for an hour. If you are using a steamer, 30 minutes is enough. Rinse out thoroughly with cold water or with cold water mixed with apple cider vinegar.

This homemade deep conditioner helps you manage your hair easily over time because bananas reduce shrinkage and softens the hair, especially when mixed with other ingredients. Glycerine and honey help pull moisture from the surroundings while olive oil penetrates the hair and seals in moisture

2. Avocado Deep Conditioner

– Avocado – 1 over ripe (blended) either use the pulp or everything
– Coconut milk – half a glass
– Coconut oil – 4 teaspoon
– Honey – 2 teaspoon
Mix and apply like the banana deep conditioner. Same time applies.

This deep conditioner helps with growth and shrinkage.
Easy to detangle with, adds a lot of moisture into the Hair. The fatty acids from the avocado feeds the hair with a lot of nutrients. Also helps to soften hair. You can also add a banana to this mix if you want.

3. Protein Homemade Deep Conditioner
– Egg – 1
– Mayo – 3 teaspoon
– Coconut oil – 4 teaspoon
– Honey – 2 teaspoon
Mix and apply like the other treatments. Let it stay in for 45 minutes without added heat, 20 minutes with added heat I.e steamer.

This is a protein deep conditioner for damaged hair. Hair that is experiencing breakage and shedding. It helps to repair the hair, fix the damage, stop breakage and keeps the hair healthy. Mayonnaise is also proteinous, adds shine and also softens. The coconut oil helps the protein to penetrate easily and also to be retained in the hair. Honey draws in moisture to the hair.

4. Honey Deep Conditioner

– Honey – as much as your hair can take
– Olive oil – 1/4 cup
Mix and apply like the other treatments. 30 minutes with added heat, an hour without.

This is a moisturizing deep conditioner. Helps combat dryness, fills your hair with moisture.

5. Moisturizing Mask
– Cucumber – 1 (blended)
– Avocado – 1 (blended)
– Sour cream – 1/3 cup

Mix and apply like the other treatments. 30 minutes with heat, an hour without.

This helps with softness, reducing shrinkage, moisturizing your hair and keeping it healthy.

6. Whipped Shea Butter Deep Conditioner


– Shea butter – as much as your hair can take
– Coconut milk – 1 cup
– Olive oil – 3 teaspoons
– Coconut oil – 3 teaspoons
– Glycerine – 3 teaspoons

Mix and apply like other treatments. 30 minutes with heat, an hour without. Rinse out with apple cider vinegar and cold water.

Shea butter is a natural softener. It’ll help soften your hair and keep your kinks in place. Also the other ingredients contribute to adding moisture and nutrients to your hair.

I hope this has helped fasten your natural journey seat belts and we are all ready to experiment.

Let me know how it goes. If you have any questions, use the comments section or ask on Twitter. Handle is @kinkyparadiseng.
Until next week, peace, love and deep conditioned hair x

My name is Peju and I’m obsessed with natural hair and the science surrounding it. I write about hair on my blog and I sell natural hair products, some of which I make myself!

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