Sunday, 28th May 2023

What Is Quiet Luxury?

By Lois Ogunniyi
15 April 2023   |   7:31 am
When a lot of people think of high fashion or luxury fashion, they often imagine items covered in the company’s logos, but this is not luxury fashion; that's a billboard.

When a lot of people think of high fashion or luxury fashion, they often imagine items covered in the company’s logos, but this is not luxury fashion; that’s a billboard.

Often, the entry-level products from a luxury brand will be covered in bold, branded logos and identifiers that allow the consumers to feel like they’re part of that brand and a part of an exclusive club. You must’ve heard catchphrases like “offending in Fendi”… Those are the ones.

But often, the wealthiest people wear clothing with no logos at all. You must’ve heard the phrase “millionaires don’t wear expensive brands” with pictures to back it up because you’ll rarely find all these branded clothes on them.

But that doesn’t mean they’re shopping less; they’re often buying quite luxuriously. Where the luxury aspect comes in the form of incredibly high-quality materials, heritage, craftsmanship, and reputation, these are pieces that have their money’s worth; these pieces are made from more sustainable fabrics and will never go out of style, hence why we think they look basic.

This is a recent video of Tony Elumelu and his wife on his birthday. It would’ve been hard for you to predict that he is wearing a Prada suit and his wife’s dress Channel; that’s because it didn’t have identifiers

You can look at pictures of Simon Cowell, Elon Musk, and Mark Zuckerberg and assume they are wearing basic T-shirts from Zara, but in reality, that’s a custom-made cloth from the finest brands that sell basic T-shirts for thousands of dollars.

I can tell you clothing like this feels incredible to the touch and amazing to wear. The pieces are typically made from materials like cashmere, cotton, leather, merino wool, and silk.

Here are some quiet luxury fashion brands that you might not have heard of before:
The row
Loro Piana
Brunello Cucinelli
Max Mara

How much do you think this shirt in suede would cost at Brunello Cucinelli? If you guessed 9,395k dollars, you’d be correct (that’s over 7 million naira).

Brunello Cucinelli

Hermes triangle scarf

This Hermes triangle scarf is 6,800 dollars… That’s over 5 million naira, and you will also not find it in their store outlets.

This basic-looking cashmere overshirt from Loro Piana is 7,395 dollars… That’s close to 6m naira
Is it worth it? That’s totally up to you.

Loro Piana

Quiet luxury isn’t entirely just about expensive clothes. You have to book an appointment to view their costly collections, the ones made out of Vicunian wool, the most expensive and rarest animal fibre in the world, so you know it’ll be outrageously expensive.

Another example is the fashion in the seasonal movie Succession, with characters wearing pieces of clothing that are only identifiable by the elite. Yop… So if you’ve seen this movie and thought their clothes were regular, now you know where you stand.

You can assume that everything the characters wore cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.
God punishes poverty!

Quiet luxury is often unassuming and unattainable for the masses. It rejects the desire to show off big logos and instead appeals to the sentiment of “if you know, you know.”