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What Really Happens At A Film Premiere?

Lupita Nyong’o at the premiere of Black Panther | Image: Getty Images

The covid pandemic is gradually coming to an end and hopefully by next year, we will be able to watch our favourite films whose releases were delayed by the pandemic. As a film freak myself, I am eager to see my favourite film stars at film premieres.


But have you ever looked at red-carpet photos, or perhaps even cheered behind the barriers, and wondered what really goes on inside a film premiere? Well, wonder no more. I’ve been to a few and I can tell you what to expect.

Ultimately, regardless of the red carpet and the celebrities and the camera flashes, you’re still just going to the cinema.

Osas Ighodaro | Image: So me solutions

Deciding on what outfit to wear can be hard
Premieres usually have a ‘smart’ dress code, so you have to look respectable. But you’re not a celebrity, and you don’t want to be overdressed. The paparazzi aren’t there to take your photos after all. And for the ladies, add hair and makeup to the headache too.

There’s a lot of rush on the red carpet
No matter how chic you’re trying to be, you still get excited when you set foot on the red carpet. You have more swagger than usual, take countless selfies, and stretch out your neck for celebrities. But don’t get carried away, after a point, securities may ask you to walk off the red carpet.

RMD at the premiere of The Wedding Party 2

While the stars are signing autographs and answering questions from the press outside, you will sit in the cinema watching the red carpet live feed. But don’t worry, the cast will almost always come on stage to introduce the film. So if you missed seeing them on the red carpet, you will see them in the cinema.

There is no fancy after-party
Don’t expect too much, after-party is usually a strictly by invitation affair. If you know the right people and get invited to the after-party, GO. Even if it’s late. Even if you have something planned the next day. It is a great opportunity to network.

Generally, they have a theme similar to the film, entertainment, and a generous buffet. Sometimes, film-themed souvenirs are given out.

Here’s my advice on how to survive a film premiere in 2022:

1. Allow yourself a few minutes to find your way in. Most premieres have steel barriers and partitions everywhere.

2. Be glamorous but comfortable. Remember that you will be in the cinema for a long time, so it is advisable to wear comfortable clothing. Daytime premieres are often more casual than evening premieres. For the ladies, make sure your high heels are comfortable too. You do not want to get blisters on your foot.

3. Never get too close to the celebrities during their photo call. You may end up standing on the back of someone’s gown. Oops.

4. If you bring your camera or mobile phone, know that recordings of the film in part or whole are strictly prohibited.

6. Once seated, you will find a bottle of water and popcorn on your seat. This is not a courtesy but a necessity, because you are going to be here for hours. The cast and directors will come up to say a few words.

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