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What Your Lipstick Shade Reveals About Your Personality

Although one might argue that one’s choice in lipstick is largely aimed at complementing one’s makeup or outfit, lipstick shade choices are also a reflection of feelings. Most times, subconsciously, one’s lipstick choice largely reflects how one feels. While many tend to use lipstick tip shapes to judge one’s personality, choice of lip colour often reveals one’s personality as well.

The science of opinions agrees that one’s lipstick choice may tell more about a person than what colour one likes. Just like one’s style choices, lip colour choices also say a lot about a person. Whether sassy, shy, or flirty, one’s choice in lipstick shade also shows off one’s personality. Here are a few lipstick colour shades as well as the personalities they reflect.

Red Lipsticks:

Whether it is tomato red, scarlet red or even crimson red, whatever shade of red chosen all ladies who spot red lipsticks are extremely passionate, creative and daring. Wearing red lipstick speaks of passion, it is a symbol of prowess. By choosing to dress one’s lips in red, it draws people’s attention to one’s mouth and thus the words that come out from it. Ladies who favour bold red lipsticks are confident, assertive, self-assured and definitely do not mind being the centre of attention, with all eyes on them. Bright red lips also show off unwillingness to be overlooked. A darker shade of red on the other hand is a much more toned version of the passion and heat bright red lips give off. Dark red lipstick shades such as Merlot still show off confidence but in a much more toned down and sophisticated way. They give a sense of wonder and leave people guessing.

Mega matte dark red lips | Pinterest


Nude Lipsticks:

Choosing a nude lip shade is a clear indication of preferring to remain in the background and not be the centre of attention. Women who chose to wear nude lipsticks may come off as being shy at first. Although they may sometimes give off a wrong vibe with their shyness, once they open up, it becomes clear that they are caring and warm. Nude lipstick shade is a clear sign of wanting to be taken seriously; they also give off an air of friendliness and willingness to listen. Women who chose nude and neural lipstick shades are not at all pretentious, cool, calm and down to earth. They are confident of their looks and can pull off chic and sophisticated looks.

Browns and Taupes:

Brown is an extremely earthly colour. Brown lip shades portray one as being composed, dependable as well as having a romantic nostalgia for one’s past. Just like Mother Nature, wearing brown or taupe lip shades tell that one has a very powerful side which one is not afraid to use. These colours make one seem warm, comfortable, earthly as well as earthly and dependable. The subtle hint of colour is an expression of one’s interest in being natural and low-key.

Pink Lipsticks:

Bubbly and energetic? Then one should consider trying hot pink lip shades. Women who choose this colour exude a sense of playfulness which also matches their high energy level and also provides subtle hints at their mischievous sides. Hot pink lipstick shades are a bold choice, it shows one off as not being afraid to stand out and be the centre of attention. Its subtle version, the light pink shade communicates a little sassiness and youthful exuberance. Light pink lips give off a sense of tenderness, self-worth, empathy and a high level of ambition.


This lipstick shade is to some extent, difficult to pull off. And this is largely because not everyone can pull off a burgundy lip shade, but for those who can, it is an extremely hot and powerful colour. Burgundy shows compassion with a stubborn streak. This lip shade also makes one look exotic. It can be worn at any time; for daytime looks as well as evening looks.

Rihanna wearing a burgundy lipstick | Pinterest

Lip Glosses:

Glossed lips are an indication of fun as well as being natural. Whether choosing to use only plain lip glosses or even adding a little shine to your lip shade, lip glosses make one look younger at the same time adding a subtle hint of sass and edge. Clear shiny lips send a message of one being polished and self-aware. Adding clear lip glosses on any other lip colour changes the look to a sleek, appealing sheen.


Chapsticks/Lip Balm:

There are women who choose to spot natural lips and would not be caught dead in any lip product that isn’t a chapstick or a lip balm. These women are serious, practical, driven women and not to be toyed with.

With an idea of the personalities attached to each of these lipstick colours, it’s time to look into one’s makeup bag, get to know one’s most used lipstick shades and what those shades say about you. While not all personalities may be applicable, at least one of them should be right.



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