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The Week

This week we welcomed Beyonce and Jay-Z’s twins, applied for the job of HRM in the UK and learned to take our blessings where we find them, even if they fall off our heads, landing somewhere behind us, in front of the world’s media. Here are the stories that made our week…


Beyonce twins still in hospital

Beyhive fans are still jubilating for their queen, Beyonce after it was announced that she had given birth to twins.  Since that statement it has been speculated that the twins were born some weeks prematurely as they and their mother are still holed up in hospital.


The Nigerian baby boom

UN says Nigeria is on course to be the world’s third most populous nation. By 2050 the world population will reach 9.8 billion and Nigeria, currently the seventh most populous country, will jump to the third most populous, behind India and China but overtaking the US. We have the fastest growing population in the world. Currently the population of Nigeria stands at over 182 million.


Bless her

The prize for being a good sport definitely goes to Blessing Okagbere this week. Her hair-raising (really) jump landed on everyone’s front page.  Her wig came flying off but her sense of humour stayed put as she and her supporters joked about the public mishap on her Instagram account. We will never know why she attempted a competitive, long-jump event with an unattached wig and a torn stocking cap but we now know that she did and more importantly more Nigerians are aware of Blessing Okagbere, one of our finest athletes, so no need to wig out.


I’m more Nigerian than you

These days, everyone wants to claim Nigeria. Is it the jollof rice, or the Afrobeats that people are claiming for?  This week, heavyweight challenger Tyson Fury lashed out at recent champion Anthony Joshua, possibly in an attempt to goad him into a fight. He called him “the man who can’t speak his own mind, the plastic Nigerian.”  Fury posted the Nigerian flag, declaring “I’m more Nigerian than you! I’ll fly the flag for Nigeria when we fight. GYPSY MAN. Represents the world. Ali had words for a man like you, they were Uncle Tom.”

There should be a series of tests before you can claim Nigeria, like the pepper soup challenge, a decent shoki and the correct usage/pronunciation of ehhn. Fury, you have some way to go, Gypsy or not.


Lonely at the top

Most people dream of being King or Queen but apparently it’s not what it’s cracked up to be. According to Prince Harry, who is fifth in line to the throne, after his father Prince Charles, Prince William and his children, while the British public needed the ‘magic’ of the monarchy, he claimed no-one in his family actually wanted the job.  For himself, he said he longed to be something ‘other’ than Prince Harry, although exactly what the notoriously work-shy prince might be is open to question. Meanwhile we at GL are applying.



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