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Work After A Long Break? Expect These 5 Stages

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The Christmas and New Year breaks are over, everyone needs to resume back to the work that pays them, especially, the “9-5ers”.

After all the long periods of sleep and parties and shouts of “I can’t come and kill myself”, another reality sets in, it is now work as usual.


Here are some stages that welcomes you back to the new reality:

The alarm stage
Even if it is just for a week, sleeping without any alarm going off is a blessing. All of a sudden, the alarm goes off and you wonder what planet you are in. Why is there so much noise? Why is it so dark outside? Why can you not go back to being a baby and free from all unnecessary alarm rings? Different whys and no answer.

So you successfully stand up from the bed and drag yourself to the bathroom, wondering why everything is so strange and if you really need to work or just sleep and throw the whole job away.  It is a stage, it will pass.

The commuting stage
After successfully dragging yourself out of your house, now you are faced with the challenge of dragging the road with the many humans in the world. If you stay in Lagos, it is time to throw some curse words around and if you take the bus to work, be ready to sit with some human who forgot to have their bathe or probably, is allergic to using perfumes.

However, you can also meet someone who is ready to ask you about everything that happened during your break and you can either answer with a fake smile or you ignore, which makes you rude. Somehow, you will commute to work and it might be pleasant or not.

The general greetings
You have successfully made it to work, it is time to answer the numerous “Merry Christmas in arrears and Happy New Years”, the “where is my gift, you did not bring anything for me?” You have a long way to go if it is a full house with lots of staffers. Brace yourself up, that too shall pass.

The different meetings
Congratulations! You made it through the greetings. It is a new year, time for briefings and motivational speeches from your team leads and heads, time to put on your shield of patience because it is going to be a long day. There is no need to check the time too because it is going to be extra-slow. You go from meetings to meetings, planning the long year and motivating your souls.

The end of the day
After a long time-watching day, it is time to go home. As much as you are excited to go home, however, the thoughts of driving or jumping buses might not be pleasant after all. The day is over and it is time to go home and repeat the same circle for a long year.

Happy New Year.

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