Friday, 21st January 2022
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30 Apr 2020
The lungs handle the air that goes into the body through the nostrils. This is the air that is loaded with all sorts of bacteria, viruses, various types of particles, pollutants etc.
9 Feb 2020
In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void… And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters (Gen 1:1-2). The Spirit of God created the spirit of man on the sixth day (Gen 1: 26-27). The “image” and “likeness of God” is…
8 Dec 2018
Anaemia occurs when your blood does not have enough red blood cells. This can happen if the body does not make enough red blood cells, bleeding, which causes loss of red blood cells more quickly than they can be replaced or the body destroys red blood cells. The body makes three types of blood cells-…
13 Sep 2018
Have you ever felt like it's 7 am, even though the clock says 9 am? A team of researchers at Northwestern University have designed a blood test that can measure a person's inner body clock within 1.5 hours, an advance that may help personalise medical treatments in the future. The study was published in the…
7 Sep 2018
Baseline Music artist Skales has released the official video for the song Body on which he features Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie. The song shows appreciation for a woman's body and that is portrayed in the video. It shows Skales surrounded by attractive women of different body shapes and sizes all having a good time. Body is…
21 Jul 2018
Have you ever wondered why the gram/magazines constantly offer tips on how people can change their looks, from what they are currently, to an imaginary figure? For many decades, body image has been the main focus of most women. From staring at themselves in the mirror, to judging and comparing their images with the ones…
27 Apr 2018
After a long spring of working incessantly, summer will be here before you know it and it calls for lots of inactivity-filled weekends on sandy beaches. However, before you can unwind by the shore, you must go through the cringe struggle of swimsuit shopping, which is a draining experience for even the person who shops…
20 Feb 2018
Detoxing rids the body of toxins responsible for ageing. It helps to increase the nutrient level in the system. When the body loads with toxins it doesn't function well. Here are some measures you can take to detox your body. 1. Start the day with a glass of spring or lemon water Starting your day…
19 Feb 2018
Running a marathon is a physical and mental challenge. From losing a toenail to super hearing powers, runners undergo a number of changes, both painful and surprising, with trained marathoners staggering across the finish line with ravaged joints and shredded muscles. So what does taking the body through such a gruesome exercise cause? This guide…
27 Jun 2016
Hacks are a personal favourite in any form, technology, living, food and beauty. The best thing about beauty hacks is how easy it is to improvise with household items to get the look you want. You may have some personal go-to beauty tricks but here are 10 of my favourite beauty hacks for hair, skin,…


4 mins ago
Tonga's volcanic eruption felt like an "atomic bomb" that shook "the whole island", an aid worker told AFP on Friday, as the Pacific nation raced to address a drinking water shortage.
14 mins ago
Eleven Iraqi soldiers were killed in an overnight attack by the Islamic State group against their base in the eastern province of Diyala, a military source and provincial governor said Friday.
35 mins ago
Russia risks becoming embroiled in a "terrible quagmire" if it invades Ukraine, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss warned Friday, raising the spectre of a prolonged, bloody and sapping conflict for Moscow.
45 mins ago
Victoria Azarenka compared her bid for a third Australian Open title to climbing a ladder on Friday -- now she needs to make sure she does not fall off.
56 mins ago
UK foreign secretary Liz Truss offered her "100 percent" support for embattled Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday, backing him to remain in office "as long as possible."