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Overlooking self-body shame


Have you ever wondered why the gram/magazines constantly offer tips on how people can change their looks, from what they are currently, to an imaginary figure?

For many decades, body image has been the main focus of most women.

From staring at themselves in the mirror, to judging and comparing their images with the ones on television or in the movies, ladies have occupied themselves with issues concerning their beauty and body type.


Overtime, foreign TV producers/filmmakers have through their movies influenced this with the images of women they feature. Beauty contests and some reality shows can also not be exempted from this accusation.

In fact, a global report says that less than 10 per cent of women find themselves beautiful because of constant compares and lack of confidence.

Body activist and model, Ashley Graham says there is no one perfect body.

The world is far becoming a global village where the mainstream media is run by people who promote slim girls as beautiful and healthy, while fat ones have to go through fitness routine so as to feel wanted.

Many ladies are now beginning to accept what the modeling and social industries described for them as beautiful: slim and smart.

The discomfort of flabby arms, belly fat and thick thighs are putting them off, thus making them aspire to become what they are not.

Fat body image is dissatisfaction to many. Women with such bodies feel ashamed when starred at; vulnerable within, hence begin to nurture insecurity within.

This makes you look for self-love and affirmation from other people and neglect the important fact that you need to love yourself first; love your body type and then others.

If you feel so unease with your body, instead of getting ashamed, you need to work on it.

Almost all women and just few men suffer self-body shame.

For the men, it might be genitals, beards, Abs, hair, height and weight.

For women, body assurance should be a daily routine because self-body shame is not as glaring as it is with men.

The truth remains that people can never be the same.

We can’t all have same body type, so, the earlier we started realising that the beauty of life lies in the diversity of people, the more confident we have on ourselves, and confidence, not just in your intellect but also in your body is the greatest expression of self-worth and love.

There is a shame that society tells us to accept if we don’t look a certain way, there is the shame we choose to wear by ourselves.

Either ways, while gaining comfort in expressing our confidence, women must redefine the global definition of beauty and consciously position their minds to accept their bodies no matter what.

That way we are more comfortable in our own skins.

There is no such thing as a perfect body.

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