Wednesday, 20th October 2021
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4 days ago
No one really knows why kids get asthma, as it tends to run in families. This means if a child has asthma, he or she might have a parent, sibling, or other relatives who has asthma or had it as a child
8 Oct
The National Council of Muslim Youth Organisations (NACOMYO) has implored the Lagos State government to upgrade the tablets given to teachers in Lagos State with Islamic Religious Study
25 Sep
Knowing how your kids fared in school is pivotal to understanding them and your parenting journey. Parents are used to asking the very obvious and general question
23 Sep
A video went viral last week showing an endless and shocking column of children. They were ill-clad and unkempt. Some were carrying bowls, some were not.
16 Sep
Musa, who is married with six children, further explained: “My doctor prescribed some medications and told me to lose weight, get more active and eat healthily
21 Aug
It’s time to take a break from adorning other sections of your space and take a walk to your children’s room. Yes, to see what is missing, what needs to be renovated and replaced
21 Aug
Gone are the days when children were trained in schools, with the sole aim of graduating with good grades in order to acquire good jobs.
14 Aug
The Kano state government has reiterated its commitment to the protection of vulnerable members of society, especially women and children.
9 Aug
Essential health needs of no fewer than 630 million women and children – that is over eight per cent of the world’s population – are affected by armed conflicts.
9 Aug
The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) has expressed concern over the low rate of exclusive breastfeeding in South-South states
6 Aug
Islamic groups have raised the need for Ummah to educate their children in Islamic ways. They also called on them to make their children focus on the knowledge of Holy Qur’an
31 Jul
Parents can help their children and youth acquire the right skills to excel. The Sustainable Development Goals have less than 10 years to achieve the 2030 Agenda. Ensuring our youth have the right skills, through education and training is a critical part of achieving the SDG goals. Africa is the world’s youngest region with three-fifths…


6 mins ago
The English Premier League (EPL) has been home to some of the best players to ever cross the pitch. Few regions have contributed to that image more than Africa. Some incredible African players have left a lasting impression on the domestic game in England. Some of the biggest clubs have had African players play for…
13 mins ago
Facebook plans to rebrand itself with a new name next week in a bid to distance itself from multiple scandals. The social media site - Facebook- may likely retain its moniker, but the parent company, Facebook Inc., which also owns Instagram and Whatsapp, will rebrand. The Verge reports that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg plans to…
20 mins ago
If you wonder who made Winmbledon's Last-16 in June, there's only one answer: Ons Jabeur, the first Arab woman to reach such a high-level achievement. Probably, we will hear about her more often. But for those who didn't follow the last Women's Tennis Association tournament or want to know more about Ons Jabeur and her…
32 mins ago
Nigerian youths held memorial protests in Lagos and Abuja on Wednesday, one year after security forces violently suppressed mass protests against police brutality and bad governance. Under heavy police watch, dozens of protesters rallied in a procession of cars waving green and white national flags from windows at the Lekki tollgate in Lagos, the site…
47 mins ago
Her sexually explicit protests have been likened to pornography, but Ugandan activist and writer Stella Nyanzi says sex is the most effective -- and entertaining -- way to shake people out of their apathy. "I learnt very early that there are some topics in Uganda that are tired and... the only way to capture attention…