Saturday, 23rd September 2023


29 Aug
Expectedly, the deputy President of the Senate, Barau Jibrin and the deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Benjamin Okezie Kalu (52), are to be appointed Chairmen of Committees for the amendment of the Constitution whose objectives among others, include creation of more states.
2 Aug
According to Wikipedia, ‘democracy’ is a Greek word that combines ‘demos’ (people) and ‘kratos’ (rule), meaning a form of government in which the people have the authority to deliberate and decide legislation (‘direct democracy’) or to choose governing officials to do so (‘representative democracy’).
28 Feb
The President not only reviewed the order of the Supreme Court but he actually overruled it, by setting a deadline of April 10, 2023 for the validity of the N200 old notes and declaring the N500 and N1000 notes as expired.
7 Feb
The jurisdiction of the Supreme Court under section 233 of the Constitution cannot be traded under the guise of 180 days. That jurisdiction, on its own, encapsulates, by constitutional imperative, the entirety of proceedings from the trial court...
22 Nov 2022
A simple majority vote of members in 24 States will be required for each amendment to be approved. This is usually in the form of a YES or NO vote.
21 Nov 2022
The Constitution established the Legislature as the First Arm of government, because law is needed to define all other aspects of human existence.
28 Oct 2022
And we all know that conducting primary elections is the constitutional prerogative of the National Executive Councils of political parties, not their State Executive Councils.
19 Oct 2022
Despite earmarking N1 billion, which was approved for the constitutional amendment process, the bid by the ninth Assembly to effect the fifth alteration to the 1999 Constitution has failed...
16 Aug 2022
We must avoid being ensnarled by the fetishism of design, particularly the fetishism of constitutional design, implied in the faith placed in, for example, True Federalism or Restructuring, as the solution, impliedly the final solution to the problem of democracy and federalism in our country.
14 Jun 2022
The respondent at the trial Court filed an application for the enforcement of fundamental human rights of a deceased person (Iorunde Ager) being his son pursuant to Sections
1 Apr 2022
Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has said that there is nothing wrong with the Constitution, contrary to the agitation of many Nigerians.
31 Mar 2022
Clearly therefore, no major decision can be taken nor can any action or law be enforced if it is contrary to the Constitution. Section 1 (3) cemented the power and force of the Constitution .....


20 mins ago
In a groundbreaking moment for African highlife music, Kabaka and His Oriental International Brothers' newest album, "Abialam," has topped the Apple Music Top 100 chart worldwide at the number 50 position, less than 24 hours and 27th position 48 hours after its release. The album has gone one to occupy spot 19 on the chart…
27 mins ago
Kennyblaq The Africa Comedy Academy (AfriCAs), has unveiled plans to host the fourth edition of the Laughter on Lockdown (LOL) series, the Independence Day Show. The 2023 Independence Day show is scheduled to take place on Saturday, September 30th, 2023, at Terra Kulture Arena in Victoria Island, Lagos. The Independence Day Show is well known…
34 mins ago
The stage is finally set for the premiere of Screen Perfect, a reality show poised to birth the next superstar in the Nigeria movie industry, Nollywood
46 mins ago
AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), a non-governmental organisation on Friday inaugurated community advocacy clubs in three states to address public health and developmental challenges in the communities. Mr Steve Aborisade Advocacy and Marketing Manager AHF disclosed this at the inaugural launch of FCT Community Advocacy Club in Waru community Abuja. Aborisade said the advocacy clubs were…
1 hour ago
The United Nations Women Regional Director for UN Women Central and West Africa, Maxime Hounato, said that gender inequality is crippling the nation economy. He noted that according to the gender-based violence records, violence against women is 90%, while others are 10% Hounato disclosed this in Abuja, at the press briefing, on his visit to…