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20 Apr 2022
An affordable source of protein, eggs have been a dietary staple since time immemorial.  The continued presence of eggs in the human diet is largely linked to them being a major source of protein, calcium, and several vitamins and nutrients. Asides from that, eggs have a higher shelf life and offer a larger culinary variety,…
23 Feb 2022
Are you bound to have a hangover this weekend and most weekends from partying hard? Well, a typical hangover will mean all and more of the following symptoms: thirst, headaches, being sensitive to light and sounds, sweating ,weakness, anxiety muscle aches and also increased blood pressure. These symptoms are as a result of specific hormones…
27 Jan 2022
Agricultural stakeholders have said despite some accompanying challenges, restricted access to forex for a list of food-related items
29 Nov 2021
Nigerians have expressed worry that ever-rising prices of protein-rich foods in the country will, if not checked, compound malnutrition and worsen infant/nursing women morbidity
23 Sep 2021
Scientists have recorded breakthroughs in efforts to prevent diseases and birth defects through food fortification.
Egg yolk
15 Jun 2020
3An egg a day could help to keep the doctor away. Eggs remain one of the best and cheapest sources of protein. Eggs also contain antioxidants, calcium, vitamins, and amino acids which are all beneficial to the body. Keep reading for some other amazing benefits of eggs according to Buzz Noble. Boosts the immune system…
3 Feb 2020
The Federal Government, through the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), has been urged to ban the importation of egg powder or increase the tariff drastically to discourage dumping of the product on the country
20 Apr 2019
Easter is tagged the ‘season of eggs’ and this is the perfect time to add more egg recipes to your stash of splendid recipes. There so many ways to enjoy eggs and it could be eaten at any time of day: Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner. These two recipes are not just delicious; they are easy…
14 Apr 2019
The National Eczema Association defines Eczema as “the name for a group of conditions that cause the skin to become red, itchy and inflamed.” Having eczema on the skin can be embarrassing and causes discomfort but experts say it can be managed. Dr. Shakirat Gold-Olufadi, Senior Registrar Dermatology and Genitourinary Medicine Unit Lagos University teaching…
7 Feb 2019
During the week, an interesting story of an office tea girl was sent to me. This girl helped her company to solve the most troubling problem which many enterprises in production grapple with on a daily basis —thievery! Farm hands make away with eggs, fish or snails. In garment industries, shirts, trousers, singlets disappear. Whether…
3 Oct 2018
Eggs are proteinous food gotten from birds. The most common are eggs gotten from chicken. Eggs are useful not just for its protein but also used for cosmetic products. Here are facts you should know about eggs. Egg shells and colour How many times have you refused to buy an egg just because of the…
24 Aug 2018
Leave your loved ones in heaven with this creative yet easy take on the classic Nigerian breakfast meal of yam and eggs. Ingredients Fresh yam, peeled and boiled until soft Chopped mixed vegetables (onions, pepper, spring onions, bell peppers etc) 3 large eggs Salt Seasoning cubes, optional Vegetable oil for frying Method Mash boiled yams…


8 mins ago
Bulgarians vote on Sunday in their fifth general election in two years, a record in the European Union, amid deep divisions over the war in Ukraine.
19 mins ago
Donald Trump has denounced his indictment as an abuse befitting a banana republic, but the move in fact puts the United States in line with fellow advanced democracies that have prosecuted former leaders.
32 mins ago
Ecuador on Saturday declared a state of emergency in the nation's major port and other areas reeling from drug-related crime.
49 mins ago
A former Minister of State for Defence, Sen. Musiliu Obanikoro, says those protesting and kicking against the inauguration of the President-elect, Sen. Bola Tinubu, on May 29,
1 hour ago
When it comes to attractiveness, a woman's hair is one of her most striking and appealing features. Women always look for ways to be creative with their hairstyles. Some even choose to colour their hair to give distinctive appearance, while others simply do it to experiment and try new things. However, when the hair is…