Thursday, 21st September 2023


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10 Sep
Fashion is a universal language, and the key to looking fabulous is understanding which colours complement your unique features. If you have a dark skin tone, you're lucky, because a vast spectrum of colours can enhance your natural beauty. Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or curating your everyday wardrobe, this guide will…
7 Sep
Achieving global recognition and success is a dream shared by many upcoming designers. Emmanuel Goodnews Ofonmbuk, popularly known as 'Icon,' has blazed a trail to international acclaim. As a seasoned fashion maven, Icon has some invaluable advice to offer to the rising stars of the industry on how to position their brands for global success.…
29 Jul
If there is any ‘top’ women of all colours can’t go wrong wearing, whether it’s for a corporate or casual event, it is a lace top paired with either skirt or trousers.
15 Jul
The VVS Lagos Fashion Show returns at the Wings, Victoria Island, Lagos, promising a deep dive into the world of tech-driven African art and design. Far from traditional, this avant-garde event seeks to redefine the perception of African fashion and establish it as a dynamic and influential force in the global fashion industry. Emphasizing diversity,…
8 Jul
Being a stylish African man doesn’t come bare or cheap, but with all the i’s properly dotted and the t’s appropriately crossed. Perhaps this is why a number of men get on the school of thought that ‘men’ do not exactly have varieties in fashionable attires ...
6 May
Elegance is simply wearing suitable and refined outfits for your shape and size, otherwise, repulsiveness is what you may be showcasing, especially as a plus size woman.
15 Apr
When a lot of people think of high fashion or luxury fashion, they often imagine items covered in the company’s logos, but this is not luxury fashion; that's a billboard.
15 Apr
Kingsley Ameye and Julienna Eyimofe love to express themselves through clothing and accessories. Boasting a formal training in fashion design, Ameye and Eyimofe’s individual exploration of new trends and techniques have equipped them to create unique and high-quality pieces that stand out from the crowd.
1 Apr
It’s as though it suddenly resurfaced into the world of fashion from nowhere as ‘Tulle’, designed in various beautiful styles such as gown, wedding dresses, top, coats, bed skirts, bows, jackets and skirt, has been at the centre of designers vogue fabric since last year.
18 Feb
Fashion is a perfect way to show one’s cultural identity. A number of people struggle between wearing their indigenous fabric and foreign clothing in corporate settings. It is also the case with Africans who prefer to wear indigenous African clothing...
31 Dec 2022
The pouring December/January harmattan season may just put you at a ‘what to wear’ dilemma for the festive occasions if you’re not aware of the magical and timeless elements of black outfits.
19 Dec 2022
Crocs are the latest trend to hit the fashion world. Inspired by the iconic crocodile logo of the French fashion house, Lacoste, the trend has been seen on the runways of some of the biggest fashion houses, including Gucci, Balmain and Louis Vuitton. Characterised by bold colours, bright patterns, and a playful attitude, it’s a…


17 mins ago
As the world marks the International Day of Peace, the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, (NSCDC), has called for tolerance to push the United Nations drive for tolerance and cease-fire. Commandant General of the Corps, Dr. Ahmed Audi, said Nigeria stands to benefit as a nation when individuals imbibe the culture of peaceful coexistence.…
31 mins ago
JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, 21 September 2023 -/African Media Agency(AMA)/- Organisations in Southern Africa have received a welcome boost to their digital transformation efforts with the graduation of the latest cohort of candidates from the SAP Young Professionals Program. Tracy Bolton, Chief Operating Officer at SAP Africa, says the additional skills capacity comes at a critical time for the…
32 mins ago
Eagle Intelligent Health and Mobicel partnership connects people in need of healthcare with qualified, skilled doctors JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, 21 September 2023 -/African Media Agency(AMA)/- There is less than one medical doctor for every 1 000 South Africans. This is according to the World Factbook, an encyclopaedia on the countries of the world compiled by the US government. Exacerbating…
2 hours ago
Former President Goodluck Jonathan has been awarded the ‘Symbol of Peace’ among recipients of the maiden edition of the ‘100 Most Notable Peace Icons in Africa’ honour.
2 hours ago
Kenyan police said Thursday they had learned from their "mistakes" as the nation commemorated the 10th anniversary of a bloody siege at an upmarket shopping centre in the capital Nairobi.