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23 Nov 2020
Studies have indicated that people who dye their hair regularly may have a higher risk of cancer, especially bladder cancer and breast cancer. Hair dyes contain certain chemicals that have been held responsible
2 Aug 2020
Healthy, great looking hair is just as important for men as it is for women; this is because the hair often contributes to the overall look of a person. The trick to having great hair, however, is a great hair care routine, which is determined by the style, type, length and thickness of the hair.…
5 Nov 2019
When it comes to hair treatment, many people are ever ready to try out new routines and products, as long as it yields results. Some of these products are either artificial or organic; when it comes to organic products suitable for the hair, tea tree oil stands out in many ways as discussed below: Tea…
10 Aug 2019
We often find our hair shedding off, the length of our hair keeps reducing and these get you worried. However, eating a balanced diet with the right nutrients can help promote your hair growth, especially if you’re experiencing hair loss due to poor nutrition. Below are some foods important for hair growth: Eggs Eggs are…
30 Jul 2019
We all want long shiny hair that is not breaking out or itchy. However, only few people have this kind of hair, this is because what we eat often affects our hair. While good nutrition can improve hair growth, bad nutrition can affect your hair growth. Below are some foods that can boost hair health:…
22 Jul 2019
Darling, the leading manufacturers of hair extension products, hosted an interactive stakeholder’s engagement event as part of activities to highlight global hair trends and the evolution of the Darling Hair brand.  The event which held at the Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos on Wednesday, July 17th, 2019 had in attendance top executives from Darling Nigeria,…
27 May 2019
It is not uncommon to see parents struggle with growing their children’s hair. With so many chemical products promising and failing to give their children the desired luscious hair in the long run, 4-year-old Omotolani Owolabi tells us that when it comes to your child’s hair, the safety rules apply. Simple Ways Of Caring For…
10 May 2019
There is no excuse for having the basic ponytail, especially because, There are so many different hairstyles to choose from, depending on your style and the length of your hair. Don't let anyone tell you that ponytail is for the gym. check out these 10 easy ponytail styles and thank us later! 1. Go Big Or…
11 Jan 2019
The kind of hair that a woman wears is a decider in the kind of man she attracts. Some men in Lagos on Friday disclosed to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) what types of hair they like and the reason they preferred it. Mr Uche Emmanuel, 41, told NAN that the longer ones are…
20 Nov 2018
At a time where black girls are embracing and loving their hair texture, Caribbean model Gabriela Bernard was told that she cannot be allowed to stay if she does not add chemicals to her hair in the Carribean Next Top Model reality show. Despite explaining her struggles with self-acceptance and stating that accepting her hair…
18 Sep 2018
Finding a simple way to boost hair regrowth remains a challenge for researchers. A new paper claims that micro LEDs might be the answer we have been looking for. Hair loss affects millions of people, globally. For some, it is of little concern, but for others, it can impact both self-esteem and confidence. For these…
21 May 2018
Everyone loves their hair to look healthy, shiny, and have all the glamour like they see in adverts. Yet, split ends, constant breakage, dandruff and other hair problems are what most people experience causing them to use products that are likely to have damaging effects on their hair. To avoid joining the train of those…


4 mins ago
When Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin meet virtually on Tuesday the two presidents will have to negotiate a history of mutual suspicion as they take up the urgent issue of a major Russian military buildup on the Ukraine border.
2 hours ago
Pope Francis on Sunday returned to the island of Lesbos, the migration flashpoint he first visited in 2016, calling the neglect of migrants the "shipwreck of civilisation".
5 hours ago
A US congressman is under fire for posting a picture of his family smiling and holding guns in front of a Christmas tree days after a deadly school shooting rocked the country.
5 hours ago
Ralf Rangnick's reign at Manchester United got off to a winning start thanks to a stunning strike from the much-maligned Fred to beat Crystal Palace 1-0 at Old Trafford on Sunday.
5 hours ago
Myanmar soldiers wounded at least three people after ramming a car into a peaceful anti-coup rally in Yangon, eyewitnesses said Sunday.