Monday, 27th June 2022
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Hope Eghagha

4 Dec 2021
Popular Nollywood actress, Hilda Dokubo, and the distinguished Professor of English and Literary Studies, Hope Eghagha, will headline the 2021 Lagos International Film Festival (LIFF).
19 Feb 2020
The Urhobo Renaissance Society (URS) has condemned the dastardly and unprovoked attacks last week on innocent Uwheru people in Ughelli North Local of Delta State where nine persons were reported dead and several others injured.
10 Nov 2019
The word tragedy originates from two Greek words, tragos (goat) and oide (song, ode). The reason why ‘goat’ is implicated in the etymology of tragedy might be elliptical,
1 Oct 2019
I grew up in a Nigeria which I took for granted - took for granted in terms of its continued existence as one indivisible whole and the need to develop it as a body corporate, where, ‘though tribe and tongue may differ, in brotherhood we stand’ and ‘where truth and justice reign’ and we lustily,…
30 Sep 2019
The Urhobo Renaissance Movement will tomorrow, October 1, hold its inaugural public lecture titled: A renaissance in the Urhobo nation and the quest...
5 Aug 2019
There is this generally negative perception of politics, politicians, and the political process held by non-politicians in Nigeria and across the world. It is not complimentary.
24 Jun 2019
We need strong institutions in our country, in our world; institutions which are stronger and bigger than men. It has often been said that we do not need strong men in a democracy.
13 May 2019
As a rule I do not watch football matches; not anymore, that is. I have given up that passion because of the tragedy which has befallen the local league and football generally in Nigeria.
18 Oct 2018
It was pomp and pageantry in Lagos recently when the 1979-1983 alumni of University of Jos (UNIJOS) held their reunion celebration.With the theme, “Unijos made me”, the old students relieve campus memories, insisting that the knowledge and values acquired while in school have helped them greatly in their endeavours.
17 Sep 2018
Our age is fluid, fast and ‘fudgy’. There are no certainties, no ‘definites,’ no absolutes, and very few taboos. We go to bed with one principle and wake up with the primacy of another principle in the codes of social engagement.
27 Aug 2018
Well, I think they all deserve what is happening to them. They have placed us under siege for too long! Let them be placed under siege too and rot in prison.
16 Jul 2018
Not funny! And if I may extend your Lear metaphor, the presence of Ivanka and her husband and some cronies has not helped matters


9 mins ago
  The 22nd annual BET Awards, which honour the works in music, cinema, television, and sports that have had the greatest cultural effect in the previous year, did not disappoint. High-profile individuals from every sphere of the entertainment industry received awards at the ceremony, which was hosted by Taraji P. Henson and took place on…
27 mins ago
Xiaomi’s mid-range offering is fast gaining global attention and taking consumers by storm. The brand announced over 250,000,000 users globally in March this year, this equates to around 1/3 of the population in Europe. With this popularity, the Redmi Note Series has undoubtedly proven to be a leader in the segment, and an entry level smartphone that deeply resonates with consumers. 
4 hours ago
With the high level of unemployment and underemployment, prolonged strikes by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) and its polytechnic counterpart, Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics
4 hours ago
For a country to rank high in the global economy, serious attention must be given to the development of a credible and stable capital market.
4 hours ago
In solidarity and shared learning, an increasing number of Nigerian youths from Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt to Uyo, are exploring opportunities in the global financial market to create wealth and reduce the scourge of poverty.