Sunday, 24th October 2021
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Jesus Christ

10 Oct
An axe head, as presented in the scriptures above for consideration this week, is an important implement for the sons of prophets to work with. The sons of the prophet might have handled
27 Sep
Right-wing evangelical pastor, Jesse Duplantis, claims that Jesus has not yet returned because people are not donating enough money to churches. During a recent four-day live TV event entitled Victorython, Duplantis claimed that people are not being generous enough to churches, hence why Jesus has not returned from the dead. He says: “I honestly believe…
19 Sep
From the time our first parents, Adam and Eve, committed the sin of disobedience by eating the forbidden fruit and were sent out of the Garden of Eden, man lost the glory of God and was lost in sinful activities
12 Sep
Jesus Christ also said of Himself: “I am the true vine, my father is the husbandman” (John 15:1)
22 Aug
Text: Philippians 2:9-11 The name of Jesus Christ is a powerful name that is above every other name. The name has the potency of giving a Christian whatever he needs on earth. Unfortunately, many do not understand the power embedded in this great name, which is why they are defeated by the enemies in the…
11 Jul
The last days will be a period of the greatest challenge the Church has ever faced. They are days preceding the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
4 Jul
God never ceases giving to us. In Christ, the Father has given to man his best. He gave us His only Son, Jesus Christ.
27 Jun
Archbishop Metropolitan and Primate of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), Most Revd Henry Ndukuba has assured Christians of God’s divine and eternal reward
25 Jun
St. Joseph demonstrated many fatherly attributes, namely, love, tenderness, surrogacy, and mentorship. Pope Francis who described St. Joseph as a tender and loving...
22 Apr
The masses of the Jews, their passion whipped up by the political and priestly establishments working in collaborative hatefulness, vociferously demanded the crucifixion of the Son of God
11 Apr
The word light is coined from two Latin words, luc, lux meaning light and lucere meaning to shine. Light is something that makes vision possible. The sensation is aroused by stimulation of the visual receptors...
11 Apr
World over, Easter is celebrated to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, even by those who do not know its significance. Easter is not supposed to be a festive period.


46 mins ago
“It is only when they go wrong that machines remind you how powerful they are.” -  Clive James “There is money in tech”. This is by far the major motivation these days. Anyone giving it a go at the tech industry is majorly doing so because of the money that can be made. This is…
1 hour ago
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni said Sunday that an explosion in the capital Kampala that killed one person and injured five was "a terrorist act" and vowed to hunt down those responsible.
1 hour ago
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday told his foreign minister to expel the ambassadors of 10 countries, including Germany and the United States...
1 hour ago
The Federal Government and some Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) have decried increasing cases of Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) against women and girls in spite of the domestication of extant laws in the country. They also expressed concern over harmful traditional practices against women and girls when there are laws against such practices. These stakeholders…
1 hour ago
The Nigeria National Polio Plus Committee (NNPPC) has advised Nigerian parents to continue to get their children immunised against polio despite the fact that the country was certified polio-free by the WHO in 2020.