Friday, 12th August 2022
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Kole Omotoso

1 May
It was the great playwright, songwriter and song composer who advised a young man who threatened to take his life that there are one thousand women in the marketplace, one thousand fish exist in the sea, why would you kill yourself...
3 Apr
If there is one subject that keeps Nigerians awake at night, it is the subject of ‘security’. In their day conversation and their evening conversation, it is the central topic.
23 Jan
A review of The Lost Language Of The Soul by Mandla Langa. This is the narrative of a 14-year old narrator-actor over a few months.
12 Dec 2021
If there were an ultimate order for all, everything would be settled. Like, what will cow eat when grass is growing? Or whose child is this that two persons, a man and a woman, are disputing....
21 Nov 2021
The smallest bone in the human body is in the structure of the ear. It may be small but it may not be ignored. The big countries of the world have ignored the small nations because they are small.
26 Sep 2021
Sometime in 1976 or 77, Professor John Hunwick and myself were invited to the United Arab Emirates to advise the country on the topic of Afro-Arab Relations.
5 Sep 2021
They began where all quarrels begin, at the beginning. In the beginning was the word and that is where it began, words of the mouth. Can you imagine two or more dumb people quarreling? Especially, if they were blind together with it.
22 Aug 2021
If anyone began life from rock bottom Peter Hain did. But he was bright, loved and played all the sports, took advantage of all lemons given him, and he used his initiative.
18 Jul 2021
Nations, like individuals, suffer trauma from national calamities. Like individuals, nations can get stuck at that point winning and drowning in their tears world without end. Or, like Israel and Rwanda, reference it but go on with living and building...
30 May 2021
As new settlers arrive in South Africa, you get told all sorts of stories. You get told stories that would ensure you emphasize with the perceived group you belong to.
9 May 2021
Can you tell a story about zoos without mentioning animals? It is possible. Just mention one animal, say a lion. And it would be the story about the Prophet and the Lion at the University of Ibadan years ago.
28 Feb 2021
A few days ago, we were told that only three countries on the African continent have begun vaccinating its citizens. The countries are Algeria, Egypt and South Africa.


15 mins ago
Joycelyn Savage, R. Kelly's longtime live-in girlfriend and now claimed fiancée, is getting ready to publish a tell-all book about their relationship. In an email to The Post, Savage, confirmed the book titled “Love and Joy of Robert” should be published on Saturday. Describing the book, she wrote “All I can say is that it…
16 mins ago
Osun Police Command on Thursday said it arrested three suspected kidnappers while trying to abduct business women, Mrs Falilat Oyetunji, popularly called “Ero Arike”, in Iragbiji town.
30 mins ago
The Colleges of Education Academic Staff Union,(COEASU) lecturers have suspended their ongoing strike for a period of 60 days. The suspension is contained in a state signed by COEASU President, Dr Smart Olugbeko and Dr Ahmed Bazza, General Secretary of the union on Friday in Abuja. The union said the suspension followed “enormous progress” made…
52 mins ago
Nollywood actor Moses Armstrong was charged with the rape of a minor and supplying abortion drugs by a State High Court sitting in Uyo, Akwa Ibom, on Wednesday, August 10, 2022. The four charges were read to Armstrong for the first time since his arrest on June 13. The actor pleaded not guilty to the…
1 hour ago
An online newspaper, Katsina City News, on Thursday doled out N250,000 to a policeman, Nura Mande, who returned missing 800 dollars belonging to a female pilgrim in Katsina State.