Friday, 30th September 2022
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18 Apr 2020
When you wash your fresh tomatoes and peppers this is not the time to carelessly throw away the water. You can rather select some good seeds from your ingredients to add and plant with what was washed into the water
15 Feb 2020
Ever walked into someone’s apartment and wondered if that conversation shouldn’t be taken outside due to the offensive smell of indoor humidity in the air, such that makes you feel the desperate need
22 Dec 2019
Lemon Ginger Tea (Ginger pineapple Juice) This delicious Juice is very healthy and is a staple during the holidays in my home. It is easy to make and can keep for up to a week if left refrigerated. Ingredients 2 Ginger cloves 1 small Lime 3 1/2 Cups Water Room Temp. 5 Cups Hot Water…
11 Jun 2019
Universally, water is the most beneficial beverage one can ever drink and almost always, health professionals’ advice that staying hydrated is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As much as this is true, it is also okay to upgrade that glass of water with healthy supplements. Here are a few you can try out…
17 May 2019
Losing the ability to smell strong odours such as onions, petrol or lemons in later life could be a warning sign...
23 Apr 2019
It is highly recommended to start your day with lemon, warm water and a drop of honey on an empty stomach once you wake in order to improve digestion, liver function etc. Most of us drink this mixture with the intention of losing weight, but it has more benefits than just to help burn fat.…
22 Oct 2018
For a lot of people, the thought of chores is disheartening but there are so many ways to make cleaning the home so much easier with the right tricks. Here are simple tricks to make chores easier. Vinegar as a multi-purpose item The vinegar in the kitchen is not just an acid for washing certain…
11 Jul 2018
Bad smells can be a nightmare. It can come from the fridge because of power failure or from fruits and vegetables that have been kept longer than their shelf life. It could be smell from garbage cans due to accumulated rubbish evacuated late by the environmental agency. Here are few tricks to get rid of…
11 Mar 2018
The lemon belongs to the citrus family of fruits. This family is known for their high concentration of citric acid with popular members like oranges and limes. Although they are all similar, every member of the citrus family has distinct features that tells them apart. Nutrition Lemon has numerous health benefits because of its many…
26 Aug 2016
Researchers have found a class antioxidants in oranges, limes, and lemons may help prevent the harmful effects of obesity in mice fed a Western high-fat diet.


10 mins ago
Guinness Nigeria on Thursday, September 22nd hosted Tobi Amusan, Ese Brume and other extraordinary female Athletes and Para-Athletes who represented Nigeria at the 2022 Commonwealth Games and World Athletics Championship to a celebratory reception at the new Guinness Headquarters in Ikeja, Lagos
18 mins ago
Thailand's suspended prime minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha can resume office, the country's constitutional court said Friday, ruling that he has not exceeded his eight-year term limit.
28 mins ago
Britain's economy grew in the second quarter and did not shrink as previously thought, data showed Friday, easing recession fears amid ongoing turmoil over the government's tax-slashing budget.
42 mins ago
Shots were heard early Friday around Burkina Faso's presidential palace and the headquarters of its military junta, which seized power in a coup last January, witnesses told AFP.
49 mins ago
Trevor Noah and Dua Lipa might be romantically involved or at the absolute least, close pals. Trevor Noah and Dua Lipa were spotted having a private supper at Miss Lily's 7A Cafe, a popular Jamaican eatery in New York City's East Village. Following that, according to photos obtained from paparazzi, they were seen kissing and…