Tuesday, 6th June 2023
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21 Jan
Something happened many years ago at Henry Ford’s River Rouge plant in Dearborn, Michigan that repositioned the value of skills over degrees. A massive new generating set at Henry Ford’s River Rouge assembly line broke...
1 Dec 2022
Disability rights advocates and concerned stakeholders have called on private and public sectors to collaborate and make digital resources accessible to persons living with disabilities for the enhancement and promotion
14 Nov 2022
Entrprise, Growth, and Opportunities (EGO) Foundation, a development organisation with the goal of reducing poverty and unemployment in Africa, has launched its work skills programme for undergraduates
21 Oct 2022
BeginIT, a social educational project spearheaded by inDrive, has completed a one-day training programme for less privileged children in Nigeria with information technology skills.
10 Oct 2022
Though the increasing impact of mobile technology has been a trend in the last two decades, it has been disclosed that around 3.2 billion people, who are covered by networks are still unable
12 Sep 2022
Chief Executive Officer of the foundation, Dr. Emmanuel Osimiri, at a two-day workshop, said the move was to equip them to start small businesses on foodstuff from their environment and grow
14 Jul 2022
Terawork has launched its iOS and Android mobile app to help employers and entrepreneurs hire, manage and communicate with vetted talent in real-time.
28 Jun 2022
Founder, iCreate Africa, Bright Jaja, has advocated technical and vocational skills to tackle the rising unemployment rate in the country.
14 Jun 2022
Tantalum Academy, an organisation focused on utilising games to teach soft skills, has formally launched its service in Nigeria, urging Nigerians to embrace the skills to enhance their proficiency.
14 Jun 2022
The Junior Chamber International (JCI) Nigeria at its global digital economy summit (GDES) has urged youths to equip themselves with digital skills to contribute to economic growth.
22 May 2022
Babban Gona, Africa's largest producer of maize, has partnered with Aspire Institute, a non-profit organisation founded at Harvard University, to give Nigerians access to a fully-funded leadership
24 Mar 2022
Proprietress and Founder of Life Angel Schools, Ejigbo, Lagos State, Mrs Abigael Mbah, has advised parents and guardians to promote customs and traditions to ensure their children embrace them.


2 hours ago
Dementia is a broad term for severe loss of memory, language, problem-solving abilities, and other thinking abilities that interfere with daily life. It progresses in severity from mild to severe, with the mildest stage affecting a person's functioning the least and the most severe requiring the person to rely entirely on others for basic life…
2 hours ago
Iran reopened on Tuesday its embassy in Saudi Arabia after a seven-year closure, reaffirming a Chinese-brokered rapprochement that has redrawn the region's diplomatic map.
2 hours ago
Britain's Charles III visited the Romanian hamlet of Viscri on Tuesday, wrapping up his trip to Transylvania -- a region the king has said is in his "blood" as a descendant of Vlad the Impaler.
2 hours ago
French protests against President Emmanuel Macron's pensions overhaul began to run out of steam on Tuesday with lower numbers taking to the streets and leaders questioning the future of the movement.
2 hours ago
Like other parts of Africa, mealtime in Nigeria is always special. It affords us the opportunity to show the richness and dexterity of our culinary prowess.