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9 Mar 2020
The bedroom should be a place to get rest and take a break after a long day. However, most people have difficulties sleeping at night because their bedrooms are congested with unnecessary things. Below are some things to avoid in your bedroom in order to have that blissful and perfect sleep according to The Health:…
Sleeping tips
6 Mar 2020
A night of good night sleep is as important as having a well-balanced diet and regular exercises. A restless mind is not a restful mind.  If you spend more time tossing around in your bed rather than sleeping try these tips. Manage your worries: When you have a lot on your mind it can be so hard to fall asleep.…
27 Dec 2019
Getting a good night's rest can be such a task sometimes but, luckily there are ways in which you can avoid sleepless nights. One of such ways is improving your diet, if you haven't already. And this can also reflect in as little as what you drink. Warm milk, chamomile tea and cherry juice are…
17 Sep 2019
The right amount of sleep is protective of heart health. This was the conclusion of new research that found sleep duration could influence a person’s risk of heart attack, regardless of other heart risk factors, including genetic ones.
sleep and diet
28 Aug 2019
Have you been having trouble sleeping lately and wondering what could be the possible reason? Look no further but pay careful attention to your diet as what you eat and drink contributes to whether you have a good night rest or battle insomnia all night long. According to NBC News, in a study, researchers tracked diet…
A lady sleeping
15 Aug 2019
There are many reasons as to why people have difficulty sleeping. From a woman having her first child, menopause, to work, relationship or societal issues that keep the mind spinning at night. Though often people are prescribed pharmaceutical sleep aids to handle insomnia, research suggests that these may not work well in the long run.…
A lady sleeping
29 Jul 2019
Sleep is one essential phenomenon to human beings. The better we sleep, the more productive we get during the day. The hours of rest we get as humans determine our productivity level. However, many people find it difficult getting to bed early or sleeping early, this can be as a result of diverse factors. Below…
21 Jul 2019
There are so many things that contribute to your mental health and total well-being and caring about these things is very important. The way you care about your mental health will likely determine the output you get from your daily activities.  A poor mental health can lead to poor results. Here are some tips to…
20 Jul 2019
Many people have the idea that  the less sleep they have, the higher their success will be. However, this is not true, sleep is as important to humans as much as food is. Sleep improves productivity and concentration A good sleep ensures a productive day ahead. Sleep deprivation affects the cognitive, concentration, productivity and performance.…
16 Jul 2019
Hundreds of household items, including furniture, paint, and electronics, emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which at high levels can pose health risks.
14 Jul 2019
Stress has become synonymous with modern day living. What with the harsh economic realities, enormous workload, deadlines, traffic and other pressures...
29 Apr 2019
A research has linked work stress and impaired sleep to a threefold higher risk of cardiovascular death in employees with hypertension. The finding was published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, a journal of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC)...


42 mins ago
A French soldier has died in Mali, the French defence ministry announced on Sunday, with the latest loss coming as Paris wonders whether to stop providing military backup
47 mins ago
Voters in Senegal went to the polls on Sunday to elect mayors and local representatives in a vote seen as a key test of support for President Macky Sall.
58 mins ago
The first Taliban delegation to visit Europe since returning to power in Afghanistan began talks Sunday with Afghan civil society members focused on human rights
1 hour ago
The leader of Israel's largest ultra-Orthodox Jewish party submitted his resignation from parliament Sunday, after reaching a plea deal
1 hour ago
A fire at one of Hungary's largest hospitals in Budapest killed one person and injured two Sunday, according to Hungarian police.