Sunday, 23rd January 2022
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Executive Briefs

10 Feb 2017
The law of possibility - This law states that, if you’re relentless to win, life will make a way for you.
7 Feb 2017
Many years ago, I had the unique opportunity to sit behind rows of top Government and business leaders with the President (Olusegun Obasanjo) and his vice, and many captains of industry...
3 Feb 2017
We are not a young company as we are incorporated in 1985 as the first indigenous company to go into computer maintenance. Around year 2000, we stumbled on the National ID platform and it changed the company’s focus towards smart.....
3 Feb 2017
According to the Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary (2010), ‘‘corruption is dishonest or illegal behaviour, especially of people in authority. It is the act or effect of making somebody change from moral ....
3 Feb 2017
There is a principle of life which states that, “what you look for, you’ll find”. A lot of times our beliefs about what is possible is where our limitations are.
3 Feb 2017
When asked what the most important business question ever, management guru Peter Drucker answered; “What is our business?” Defining your business is the most important task all entrepreneurs need to do in order to succeed....
3 Feb 2017
Clueless Bosses are the ones who just seem oblivious to everything around them. The challenges and issues within the workplace that are so obvious to everyone else just don’t even appear on their radar screens.
27 Jan 2017
In the wisdom age, leadership has gone beyond the depth of having ability to find solutions which are hard to describe and instinctive knowledge concerning what is really going on behind the scenes humanly speaking.
27 Jan 2017
The very first thing government must do is to fix the infrastructures as this will stimulate economic recovery. There are a lot of things the government can do in terms of giving tax incentives to the real sector.
27 Jan 2017
Activity is not the same as productivity. Motion does not always signify progress. Activity is not necessarily accomplishment. Diligence is not necessarily effectiveness.
27 Jan 2017
When customers reach out to you with a problem, it’s likely they have already made attempts to resolve it.  They have explored self-service options or communicated with someone else in your organization without satisfaction.
27 Jan 2017
Housing is an essential component of our existence and that is why successive administrations have reiterated the need to take care of the alleged 17 million housing deficits in the country.


7 mins ago
The Lagos State government has charged the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) to have a cordial relationship with leaders at all levels so as to facilitate the smooth discharge of its duties and responsibilities...
9 mins ago
When a product attains expiration, it will no longer be fit for consumption, but to be cast away. In the same vein when a man expires, no one identifies with him, he becomes invalid.
17 mins ago
The United States government, recently, reiterated its commitment to strengthening bilateral ties with Nigeria through music, arts and film.
24 mins ago
The last arrest, at Ketu area of Lagos, was the third time. When he was returned from the Nigeria Correctional Service (NCS), just a few weeks after his previous arrest by the Lagos State Rapid Response Squad (RRS), he resumed traffic robbery.
25 mins ago
The Court of Appeal, sitting in Akure, Ondo State has slammed a life jail on one Abdullah Bilawu Oloyede and two of his sons over attempted murder of an Iwo High Chief.