Thursday, 28th October 2021
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17 Mar 2017
“I will build a car for the great multitude, constructed of the BEST materials by the BEST men to be hired after the SIMPLEST designs that modern engineering can devise…so LOW in price that no man making a good salary...
17 Mar 2017
How do you win an argument? Don’t get in one in the first place. Yes, I realize this sounds simplistic and perhaps a little trite, but when it comes to interactions with customers, co-workers, employees...
10 Mar 2017
Bob Dylan a celebrated and influential artist and song writer in the 60’s wrote a song titled “The Times They Are a Changin”. Nothing can be truer these days; we are really in changing times in the business world.
10 Mar 2017
The wrong mindset: This is the root cause of poor performance by a lot of people. This must be addressed first, if not, there will be no progress. I hear people say things like, “the market is dry”, or “I’m not a natural sales person....
10 Mar 2017
Upon graduation from South Bank University, London in Civil Engineering Design with Honours, I found a niche and my Lecturer in highway and transportation Engineering recommended me to Imperial College of Science and Technology....
10 Mar 2017
Have you ever had a customer who just doesn’t quite seem to trust you?  He (she) listens to you with raised eyebrow, and doesn’t take what you say at face value.
10 Mar 2017
When it comes to procuring goods and services at the best possible price, in the right quantity and quality, in the right place and from the right source, there are key essential factors that must be put in place to benefit from a good procurement management.
3 Mar 2017
Finding your value statement- which is your attention grabbing statement- is gotten by identifying the end result of the value you give then walking backwards to craft the value process.
3 Mar 2017
The role of the private sector in the provision of adequate housing cannot be overemphasized as government alone will be unable to fully provide all that we need.
3 Mar 2017
It involves moving forward along the path of your choice in pursuit of something you really want. It is moving in a forward direction towards a known destination.
28 Feb 2017
The second set of the virtues are Simplicity, Service and Sacrifice – the virtues that ensure that your leadership endures and that its impact lasts beyond your time.
24 Feb 2017
Housing is an essential component of our existence and that was why successive administrations have repeatedly said they the need of about millions of Naira to take care...


6 mins ago
The flow of immigrants to developed countries fell at its fastest pace ever at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic last year, the OECD club of leading economies said in a report Thursday.
9 mins ago
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange remains a suicide risk if extradited to the United States, despite assurances he would not be held in isolation at a "supermax" prison there, his lawyer said Thursday.
17 mins ago
Lashing, frisking, and arbitrary detentions -- Sudanese protesters say security forces have resorted to frenzied violence to quash street protests against the country's latest military coup.
27 mins ago
Barcelona is looking for a new coach after they sacked Ronald Koeman with the Spanish giants ninth in La Liga and third in their Champions League group.
42 mins ago
It has been three days since the Nigerian government launched its eNaira digital currency. The days have been characterised by complaints and displeasing experiences for users of the applications. Mark Samuel, one of the users of the eNaira Speed wallets described the application as "an app with so many flaws." Samuel's reaction is one out…