Thursday, 6th October 2022
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22 Oct 2020
Forging his brand was anything but easy, Daniel Guaragna remembers. Gauragna turn around story began in 2016 when three people showed up and two of those were his business partner. These days, Daniel G as he is fondly referred to is at the head of the Sales Agency, the number one Canadian sales agency and…
20 Oct 2020
As the co-founder of Scale Online, a San Francisco based e-commerce start-up, Emiliano Guerrero has spent the last few years buiding gradually.
16 Oct 2020
Nantomah Joseph James, President, Prosperity for Africa, a non-profit organization working with black communities in America to grow their businesses, has revealed how American politician and lawyer...
3 Nov 2019
The recent bust of a worldwide international paedophile ring using Bitcoin payments highlighted one of the key fears surrounding crypto-currencies -- their use by criminals.
25 Oct 2019
Determined to ensure that all Muslim clerics and mosque in Lagos State are captured, the Grand Chief Imam of Lagos State, Sheikh Sulaiman Oluwatoyin...
7 Jun 2018
Executive Director, Mr. Lekan Oladapo, who spoke against the backdrop of claims that the candidates were tested in Arabic said the geographical distribution of the successful candidates showed that all the geo-political zones are duly represented.
24 Mar 2017
The Rule of Exit-Strategy states, from your vision statement, there must be courses of action that puts your special facilities to good use and empower you throw off the shackles of corporate life.
24 Mar 2017
Investing in a turbulent, up and down, crazy market can be a real challenge. In fact many investors go to the sidelines and simply wait out the crazy times rather than risk losing their money.
24 Mar 2017
Remember, social media is not like the traditional media which operates from one source to many receivers and leaves no room for feedback. Social media is all about engagement; it operates from many sources to many receivers.
17 Mar 2017
Webster’s dictionary defines “character” as: moral constitution, moral strength, self-discipline, fortitude, reputation, etc. This is a limited list of characteristics needed to become a success.
17 Mar 2017
“I will build a car for the great multitude, constructed of the BEST materials by the BEST men to be hired after the SIMPLEST designs that modern engineering can devise…so LOW in price that no man making a good salary...
17 Mar 2017
How do you win an argument? Don’t get in one in the first place. Yes, I realize this sounds simplistic and perhaps a little trite, but when it comes to interactions with customers, co-workers, employees...


2 mins ago
President of the Road Transport Employers’ Association of Nigeria (RTEAN), Dr. Musa Muhammed Maitakobi, has called on the Federal Government to urgently fix deplorable roads across the country as bandits are capitalising on it to endanger members’ lives.
2 mins ago
Connected Development (CODE) has called on Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to push for domestication of Freedom of Information (FoI) Act in states.
2 mins ago
Lagos State government, yesterday, warned residents, especially those residing on the bank of Ogun River to protect themselves because of expected high intensity of flooding occasioned by heavy rainfall and release of water from Oyan dam.
2 mins ago
With exception of Kaduna and Sokoto, 34 other states failed to meet the 15 per cent adequate health funding benchmark between 2020 and 2022, according to a new health report released, yesterday, by The ONE Campaign.
3 mins ago
Immediate past vice chancellor, First Technical University, Ibadan, Oyo State, Prof Ayobami Salami; former commissioner, Dr. Kayode Afolabi, and entrepreneur, Godwin Okorie, have urged young people to have positive mindset and be hardworking to achieve their future dreams.