Sunday, 24th October 2021
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1 day ago
I have always wanted to do anything and everything to lose weight before I became a weight loss expert. While in the university, the moment I hear of slimming tea or a new diet, I would try it and literally spend my pocket money...
16 Oct
Joycee Awosika is an entrepreneur and energy economist with a dual degree in Business Management from Goucher University in Maryland, USA...
9 Oct
Growing up in Northern Nigeria, we had our fair share of experience with riots and then the insurgency we are currently battling with.
9 Oct
Adegoke Adesimisola Alice, popularly called C-Mi (pronounced C.M.I) is a Nigerian born, France-based artiste poised to take the Nigerian and French scene by storm. She started recording in 2002, heavily influenced by Whitney Houston, Jay-Z and Eve. So, she easily swings between Afrobeat, Rap, Pop-Reggae and others. In 2011, C-mi won the Bitbender freestyle competition…
2 Oct
Zainab Balogun-Nwachukwu is an award-winning actress, producer and presenter. Popularly known for her outstanding roles in top Nigerian movies such as The Wedding Party..
25 Sep
Deborah David is a Chartered Accountant and a Certified Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach. Trainer, author and public speaker, she is a resourceful and versatile professional...
18 Sep
Growing up wasn’t really fun, though I had a pleasant time with myself as a child. I grew up in a family of five, with a father whose religion was love for all.
11 Sep
I grew up in university campuses; both parents were academicians. My dad, a Professor of Economics and Statistics and my mum a Professor of Sociology; first at the University of Nigeria....
7 Sep
Dolapo Kukoyi is the Managing Partner at Detail Commercial Solicitors and leads the firm’s Energy, Infrastructure & Power practice. She is one of the leading lawyers in Nigeria’s power sector with extensive experience advising clients in the private sector, government agencies and regulators on a wide range of complex transactions. Kukoyi combines her strong legal…
4 Sep
A serial entrepreneur, Elizabeth Osho is the founder of So.Me Solutions, a communications agency based in Lagos, whose services include brand management, strategy development...
2 Sep
Episode 10 of ‘They Said I Couldn’t’ features the story of the Chizoba Okpala Otsu, Founder of Nigeria’s foremost event support service companies with cocktails and drinks as its specialty.
28 Aug
I never had a background in Technology and Engineering; I have always dreamed of one day leading currency operations in the Central Bank of Nigeria. Growing up, I was a curious, adventurous, and daring girl.
24 Aug
Episode 9 of ‘They Said I Couldn’t’ features the story of entrepreneur and financial services professional, Founder and Chief Executive at BizNurture Financial Services – Ife Ibitokun.


5 mins ago
The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has registered an additional 159 new COVID-19 infections and one death across 13 states of the federation on Saturday.
23 mins ago
A man under house arrest in Italy showed up at a police barracks asking to be put behind bars because life with his wife at home was unbearable, police said Sunday.
1 hour ago
“It is only when they go wrong that machines remind you how powerful they are.” -  Clive James “There is money in tech”. This is by far the major motivation these days. Anyone giving it a go at the tech industry is majorly doing so because of the money that can be made. This is…
1 hour ago
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni said Sunday that an explosion in the capital Kampala that killed one person and injured five was "a terrorist act" and vowed to hunt down those responsible.
1 hour ago
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday told his foreign minister to expel the ambassadors of 10 countries, including Germany and the United States...