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Five Causes Of Anxiety You Might Not Know About

Anxiety is a common disorder in this day and age that a number of people can relate to. Health practitioners around the world have dedicated their time and lives to extensive research on anxiety and panic attacks. Although there is no known cure, they have been able to come up with methods to help reduce the occurrence of anxiety and panic attacks by identifying things that could trigger them.


Listed below are some of those triggers.

1. Sugar

A Wooden Spoon Full Of Sugar Photo Credit: AgroNigeria

Sugar is a double-edged sword when it comes to anxiety. Although it doesn’t cause anxiety it could trigger anxiety if you’re already prone to it. When your sugar levels swing either too low or too high, there is a tendency that you will experience anxiety. As a cautionary measure, be sure to eat wholesome foods and maintain a balanced diet at all times.

2. Caffeine

Coffee and Coffee Beans Photo Credit: Health Magazine

Caffeine is a stimulant commonly found in coffee, tea or coke that generally helps to keep people active and agile. However, people react to coffee very differently and this mostly due to a gene called CYP1A2. If a person’s body has a fast metabolizing CYP1A2 then caffeine will have positive effects however a low metabolizing variant of the gene can cause anxiety.

3. Alcohol

A Gin Tonic Glass In A Bar Photo Credit: Health Magazine

Most people think alcohol helps alleviate anxiety but it actually has the opposite effect. Studies have shown that excessive alcohol intake could induce anxiety over time. Alcohol also affects serotonin levels in the brain which helps to regulate moods.

4. Deficiency In Nutrients

Fruits And Vegetables Photo Credit: Burn It Off By Chrissy

The body functions like one complex machine and most times we never know how connected the different systems really are. Studies have shown that a deficiency in magnesium or Vitamin D could make people more prone to anxiety disorder.

5. Food Sensitivities

Seafood Chowder Photo Credit: Fish Tales

Food sensitivities are tricky because they vary from person to person. Reviews published in various medical journals have shown that people who are sensitive to certain foods might be prone to anxiety when they eat them. It’s best to identify these foods and avoid them as much as possible.


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